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I have seen this episode several times and something I never understood was the dialogue between Andy and Roger on the front porch.  They were discussing the possibility of Roger becoming Andy's uncle and of course, Andy is scared to death that Aunt Bee likes Roger and would marry him should he ask.  

I watched it today and I think I finally understand how Andy handled it but I wanted to hear from expert Mayberrians to see how they interpreted the scene.  So, if you're interested, watch the last few minutes of the episode and paraphrase the scene here.  I think it might be interesting to read how others explain the scenario. Thanks in advance.

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It seemed simple to me(so I may have missed the point!), but Andy realized Roger was a scammer and was not really interested in Aunt Bea at all.  So, he called his bluff and Roger knew the scam had been discovered.  Hence, the "poker" reference.

Yes, I think it went right past me the first few times I watched it, too, but Roger was basically telling Andy, "If you don't "lend" me $400 to get out of town, I'm going to marry your aunt and be telling you stupid jokes forever."  Andy told him to go ahead, trusting that Roger just wanted money and wouldn't really want to get married. 

Of course in the final scene we learn that even if Roger had asked, Aunt Bee wouldn't have married him.  Aunt Bee has a lot of common sense and only does silly things when she lets Clara give her bad ideas.

I pretty much got it the way both of you say when it finally clicked.  For the longest time I thought Andy gave him the $400 so he'd leave town, but that didn't sound like Andy.  That was a lot of money in the 60s. I think the reason I didn't get it before is because I was never able to tell what Andy said to him when he told Roger "You'll find Aunt Bee in the Kitchen" i.e. "I'm calling your bluff... go ahead and ask her to marry you."  The line was kind of mumbled and quiet.  Once I got that, it made sense.

In the first place $400 is a lot of money to travel three states away. He could have gone to Hawaii on that. Secondly, even though Roger said it was a loan, I think Andy had a strong feeling he'd never see it repaid.


Roger did get half-a-dollar from Andy though.

Andy saw, with his Andy-ian wisdom, that even though RH was trying to extort money out of him, he would not go through with actually marrying Aunt Bee. Andy, like a good poker player, called his bluff. But truthfully, I did not get this watching the first time either. I liked this episode - very quirky.

I agree with all of you on this.  I really like the "poker" comment.  Andy says something like, "I've played some".

Bet it was in the Army!  Can't you just see ole Ange poker-facing his buddies around the table and taking the pot?  Think Ange put the skills he acquired there (the poker table) to use on more than one occasion.

I think Roger intentionally put up his unlikeable front to begin with because he was planning

in the end to get money from them to go away. But Andy called his bluff and said in a way to

'go ahead and ask her if she will marry you' 

Andy was counting on Aunt Bee's intuition and that she would reject his BS.

As so,  it happened. 

Not like that other episode: when Andy put a shotgun in the guys face and threatened if he ever  hurt her...

well.  you better git.  

You know Franklin, I was reading through all the posts again and I got the same idea.  Do you suppose the writers had created the scenario such that RH was planning his scam when he wrote the letter to Aunt Bee?  That would mean the monkey face and all those stupid jokes (along with the highly annoying laugh) wasn't really his personality at all.  I wonder if he had just been himself if he might have made a different impression on everyone?.... Ummmmm na...

Andy had good faith in Aunt Bee and knew deep down inside that she'd come to her senses. Andy wasn't gambling(Barney might put him in jail if he was) he knew in his heart that Aunt Bee would make the right decision in the end.

If Aunt Bee married Roger Hanover and he became a regular on the show.... I can safely say that history would have played out differently and the show would have faded into to the dust bin with Father's Knows Best and The Flying Nun.  

I agree Dud, following your thinking, Andy probably would have married Helen within a month (just to get the hell out of there) taking Opie with him since Opie didn't like Roger much either, that would leave Mr. and Mrs. Hanover the Taylor house. Barney was already heading for Raleigh at the end of the season so he would be done too.

Following her actions with the visiting minister (wearing the blond wig like Aunt Bee to impress the guy) Clara would have been around to pick up the pieces when Aunt Bee's and Roger's marriage fell apart.  It was bound to happen, wasn't it?  Even Aunt Bee, with her strict sense of right and wrong couldn't have endured Roger for long.

Then, Dave, who knows what would have happened?  As you speculate, Ange, Helen, and Opie would be long-gone, Barney not around to help her out, and Aunt Bee would be rattling around in the Taylor house by herself!  Too horrible to contemplate.  No telling WHO Aunt Bee would have turned to for solace!




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