Andy Griffith Show Mayberry Christmas Village Collection

Hi everyone, I am a new member to the imayberry community. About 10 years ago I was thinking about buying Andy Griffith Mayberry Christmas Village Collection for $60. However, I decided not to. Now Hawthorn Company does not make them. I can find parts on eBay but it cost alot. I heard that they were going to make them again. I was just wondering if anyone else was looking for them or knows more about it.

ps  Floyd wanted to say hey and  don't take any wooden nickels.

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I wish I would've listened to Floyd's advice about them wooden nickles....

.... I got a big ol' Sparkletts bottle full of 'em!

Hawthorn made 2 different Mayberry Christmas Village sets. 

The first one was in the mid to late1990's and it was made out of ceramic Mayberry buildings and accessories (including painted pewter figurines).

Neat video of the villages by Ken Anderson -

The other set was not made of ceramic

I think it was called the Andy Griffith Mayberry Christmas Village.  Each building lights up and is covered in snow and Christmas decorations!

Off the top of my head....this is what came with that set: 

The Courthouse
Floyd's Barbershop & TV Repair combined into 1 building
All Souls Church
The Taylor Home
The BlueBird Diner
Weaver's Department Store
The Mayberry Grand Theatre
Wally's Service Station

FIGURINES  (These come with the buildings)

Aunt Bee

I'm sorry but I don't know where you can get them cheaper.   I would assume the second series of the village would be less expensive than the first series...if you can find it.

I dreamed of one of these being created, but only found out it had been done and sold out when I learned of it!  Maybe another day will come...


The second set may not be genuine ceramic, but it's nice, real nice ;)

Lydia, did you notice that with the second set, they put a second floor porch on Andy's house?

Yea, it 's where that door in Andy's Room leads to! Lol!

Aha! Mystery solved.

Hello!  I have the complete Mayberry Christmas Village Collection  - I ordered this set quite a few years ago - one piece of the village arrived every other month - at that time I paid $75 for each piece (included shipping) - it took over 2 years to receive it all - I believe I have 12 buildings or else 14 (I need to count them again!) - they came very well shipped in heavy styrofoam - I opened the first two and was VERY IMPRESSED - the first one was the courthouse of course.  Shortly after that I moved into a smaller home - I never opened up the other pieces and if I did I wouldn't have any place to display them - very sad indeed!  It truly is a beautiful village. I was going to take them to a friends sale this week-end and see if anyone was interested in buying the complete village -(I do not want to separate it) I am going to ask $800 for the complete set.    If anyone is interested or has any questions please let me know (





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