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Unbelieveable, I just got this article earlier this morning sent to me by a friend.  sure looks like they could have given the old house to someone who could have had it moved and preserved it.  I think the article states that this is the oler orginal house built by Andy when he first moved to the property, but still what a gem. 


Anyone know if there's a picture of the house anywhere?

Here's an aerial view of the Griffith property, Bobby, off NC Hwy. 64 in Manteo. The house being razed is at right center, near the pier.

Thanks Keevy.  You would think his wife had to know he wanted to preserve the house for a museum.  I wonder what her thinking is?

I was very surprised at people's reactions to this on Facebook.  Most were enraged at Ms. Griffith and many were downright hateful.  I think we need to reserve judgement on her until the full situation is known.  There was a quote in the article saying that it was known that Andy wanted it preserved or turned into a museum yet it wasn't included anywhere in his will.  Also, who know's what the reasons for the demo are.  Perhaps there are major structural issues with the foundation that would prevent it from passing code to allow it to be open to the public, major roof repair, termites, etc.  

There are a number of reasons she might be doing this but the bottom line is that it was hers to do it with and you have to respect another's privacy and decisions they make about their own property.

I didn't see the Facebook comments but would agree with you Claude.  Your scenarios for tearing it down could very well be the reason.  Who's to say that near the end of Andy's life he decided he wanted a new building put up for a museum that would last longer into the future.  Maybe it was his dying wish.  We don't know.

I certainly have no clue but then again I'm sure most of the people passing judgement on is widow don't know either at this point.  And if it does turn out she's doing this for her own personal reasons and it's within her rights, it's really none of our business anyway in my opinion.

I was appalled by all the hostility, too.  Certainly that attitude is not in the spirit of Mayberry.  Andy Griffith's legacy is The Andy Griffith Show and all the warm feelings we get when we watch it.  Between the museum in Mount Airy, Mayberry Days, and TAGSRWC, we still have places to celebrate and be with like-minded people.

For goodness' sake, his widow had been married to him for thirty years; it's not as if she swooped in at the last minute with some ulterior motive.

My thoughts exactly Janice, Claude's statments may just be true. One would think if it were Andy's intent to make a "Museum" it would have gone against his all time quest for privacy. I'm thinkin if he would have wanted it so, he'd have it in his will...

We are losing focus here. This conversation needs to be over with. This all comes under the heading of "none of our business." Lets focus on TAGS and Mayberry and the goodness that it brings to our lives.

Andy raised his children in that house, and made a lot of memories for his family there. It was his house. It wouldn't do to have anyone else living in it.




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