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Besides Andy, Opie and possibly Barney, what relatives of Aunt Bee were seen on the show?

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Nora, Bee’s sister. And of course Uncle Ollie and the boys.

Wasn't there a cousin or something named Roger? 

Wasn't it Aunt Bee's brother, or maybe a cousin, who came around later (maybe Season 8) and was supposedly a wealthy mining magnate, but when he got to town, Andy learned he was really just a failed businessman?  Andy went to pick him up at the train station and saw him get out of a freight car he had hopped. Can't recall his first name. Bruce Taylor??

Then of course, they had known "Cousin" Gloria so long, she was "practically family."  Andy played it off to Helen pretty well - "She's not my cousin, her mother isn't my aunt or anything!"

Obviously Ollie, Nora, Bruce and Roger . . . . 

Can't think of any others we saw.

Yeah Jack Albertson played a bigshot world traveling entrepreneur who was a phony. He might have been her brother. I'll have to watch that one.  Then there was Robie Miller in Morgantown WV. Jerry the banjo player's Mom. I think they were just very close friends though. By the way Morgantown WV was Don Knotts' real home town, so I read.  Looks like Aunt Bee sure was all alone before Rose got married off. 

“You’re not Robie Miller’s little boy?!”

It was Aunt Bee's cousin, Bradford J. Taylor. And the episode was titled "Aunt Bee's Cousin". 

I'm pretty sure she had a sister Ellen who she had to go visit because (I think) she was sick.  I can't remember the episode though.

I checked episodes where Aunt Bee went out of town and it was “Dinner at Eight” where she went to visit her sister Ellen, but not because she was sick like I thought. 

She also went out of town in “Andy and Opie, Housekeepers.”  In this episode she went to help her Cousin Edgar, whose wife Maude “slept with her neck in a crane and the window was open and she got the bursitis.” (Whatever that means!)

Then Aunt Bee went out of town again in “Andy and Opie, Bachelors,” to see her Aunt Louisa who “she ain’t seen in a long time.”  Peggy comes to help out but Floyd makes Andy think her motives are questionable - that what she really wants is for Andy to change the name plate on his mailbox. So Opie ends up eating “good old weenies and beans.”  

She also went to visit Florence in “Andy’s English Valet.”  Didn’t mention if that was a relative though.

Luckily she got home in time for a double dollop of Roly Poly pudding for afters. 

Good answers folks! There's still another relative of Aunt Bee's who was seen on the show that hasn't been mentioned. She was seen in a later, color episode and had a prominent role with a speaking part. This is tough.

Hint: The actress who played the part had a co-starring role in another hugely popular sitcom that was on the air the same time as TAGS.

The hint sounds like Millie from Dick Van Dyke, but I think she was just a reporter and not a relative. 



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