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I've been a huge fan of TAGS since the original episodes were broadcast for the first time, but recently many of the later color episodes have been available and I'm wondering if it's just me or are most of the later shows so corny and contrived as to be ridiculous ?  I try not to criticize anything unjustly, but it just seems that so many of them tried way too hard for the laughs that came so much more easily in the series heydays of the early 1960's.  It was nice when they were first re-run to see what all the locations looked like in color.  Aunt Bee's "apple pie" ordered home, the courthouse, the diner and Floyd's, but the new characters, Warren and Howard just weren't funny.  One thing I always loved about the B&W episodes was the music, always perfect for the storyline.  In the color episodes the dance music parodies were so awful! - I don't mean to be mean by any means !  Just wondering if anyone else feels the same.

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I do

Didn't think about it at the time--but we may be married (see above)!  Only problems I see are that I'm way too old for you and I'm already married.  Maybe next time:):):)

I don't feel that way at all.  I love all the episodes.  Some of the funniest episodes of the series to me were in the color years.  Dinner at Eight, Suppose Andy Gets Sick, Wyatt Earp Rides Again, and so forth.  I know you meant nothing by it, but for a cite to be dedicated to the love of one of the greatest shows ever, it seems we too often find ourselves in a critical position of the shows final three seasons.  I would urge anyone to take another opportunity and watch the final three seasons again, episode by episode, and see if they don't grow on you a little....

Some of the color episodes are perhaps a bit corny. And there is definitely less of a down-home feel to the color episodes. Still, there are some great color episodes, like "Goober Makes History", "Mind Over Matter", "Dinner at Eight", and "Man's Best Friend". And there are some quirky episodes like "Wyatt Erp Rides Again", "The Gypsies", and "Howard's New Life". And the Barney episodes are all very good except the very last one, "Summit Meeting" (at least for me). 

So watch them as a different show. The theme is a bit more modern, the folksy music has been replaced, but the attention to detail and spectacular acting is still there. You might grow to like them, as a separate product. 

I like the color episodes. Of course, like the b&w ones, some are better than others. Warren never did much for me, but I thought Howard Sprague and his mother and other women problems was pretty funny. The ones with Goober as a main player were often good. I know there are some TV stations that play only the b&w episodes, but fortunately others will play the color ones also. 

By-and-large the black-and-white episodes are probably better in general, one reason was the show was fresher and also Don Knotts leaving left a big hole that was never filled. But there are good and not-so-good B&W episodes plus good and not-so-good colour episodes. If you watch an episode from Season 1 or 2 followed by an episode from Season 7 or 8, it is a very different show, but that's understandable. Ron Howard also went from age 6 to age 14, which is very noticable, the adult actors don't really age or change much.

Floyd was great right to the end of his stay in Mayberry!

I enjoy them all. I especially like episodes featuring Emmett and Elmo.

Elmo: "My suggestion wasn't anything as religious as that."

Yeah, I liked these guys too. Elmo wanted to use the church funds to buy a pool table, as I recall. Sure do like that grin on Elmo!

I believe the top photo was of Emmitt after he went back to his fixit shop after a brief stint selling whole life policies, right? 

Correct. Your education was worth every penny, Mayor.

Elmo's grin faded real fast when acting-deputy Goober hauled him in for making an improper turn.

I like a lot of the color episodes but I rarely watch them.  I noticed them running out if ideas when things like a political Summit in Andy’s kitchen happened. Once in an interview  Ron Howard called it: Jumping the Shark. It’s when the writers run out of ideas. I think it refers back to the Happy Days episode when Fonzy water ski-jumped over a shark while wearing his leather jacket. They were struggling with story ideas. 

The summit episode was quite a leap.  I know there has always been the color vs b&w discussion, and i have leaned to the b&w episodes before myself.  Maybe it's just certain seasons or episodes that were the best.  Personally, I think there are some weird episodes in the b&w seasons too such as "Irresistible Andy," "Stranger In Town," and "Ellie Saves a Female."  I'm not saying they weren't interesting to watch, but I think they were a little strange compared to what the show went on to become, season one was a little less grounded in reality than later b&w seasons.  "Those Gossipin" Men" just has a different tone than "Man In a Hurry." Personally, "Dinner at Eight" is one of my favorite episodes from the show.




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