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I know Don Knotts passed away from lung cancer and that Barney was always portrayed as a non-smoker on the show, but, in episode 2, season 5, "Barneys Physical", we find out that maybe Barney was a smoker on the show.  Watch close when Barney is atempting to take a last bite of the meal Aunt Bee and Andy are feeding him to fatten him up.  Notice (as the the camera is pulling away from his plate)  the pack of ciggarettes in his left shirt pocket. 

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Interesting, Jim, I'll check that out tonight.

Trivia ?: How many times is he seen smoking on camera?

I'm going to guess two.  I know smoked in "Citezen's Arrest" and cigars in "If I had a 1/4 Million".  That's my best guess.


Those are the 2 obvious ones but there is one more instance.

He smoked the piece pipe when he played Nugatuk in the play.

Andy: "You don't have to wear that all the time."

Barn: "It's alright."

In the episode " The Song Festers ", Don has what appears to be a pack of cigarettes in his pocket when he is in the darkened room after Gomer goes back in the building for sheet music ?

Are ya'll sure that's not a bottle of Vitalis you're seeing in Barn's pocket?  It takes an occasional touchup to keep that Rock Hudson roll/wave in your hair.  ...Just sayin...

Well if indeed that is the case, it would explain why Barn just happened to have a Zippo lighter with him in the 'Loaded Goat' episode.

Didn't he keep the Vitalis in his back pocket ? Maybe he kept a lighter in case a pretty woman needed a cigarette lit. You know ol' Barn was full of charm...

You're probably right, Sheryl.  I'm sure ol' Barn had that lighter at the ready just in case he needed to light a cigarette for some mysterious lady.  Kind of like Ole Blue Eyes would have's quarter to three...there's no one in the place except you and me...

The camera does not lie, it knows all, tells all. Great catch Jim.

Awesome catch, Keevy.  And didn't Andy accept a cigar from the big businessman he went to arrest because his "...deputy likes to smoke one when he's feeling extra-sporty"?

Credit goes to Jim, but thanks, Thel.




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