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Everyday life in Mayberry was pretty fine--think we all agree on that.  But there were times when individual Mayberrians experienced great joy, a feeling of accomplishment, or celebrated a special success.  Let's think about some of those "Best Times."

Barney was mighty proud and happy after he sang into that "special microphone" and everyone realized how gifted he was in the singing department.  "Me-they, me-they...."

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what about when aunt bee thought shed forgotten how to play the piano, but found out she still could (with the help of col. Harvey) she was pretty happy then!

An adult dose of 75% alcohol would make anyone happy....

It was A tonic...and purge the body and lift the spirits...

Aunt Bee flying that plane was her high point. For viewers of that episode not so much . . . LOL

After Barney rescued Helen and Andy from the cave, Helen and Thelma Lou were discussing the merits of "their men".  Only "we" knew what merits each were referring too.  The ladies were very proud.


Opie comes back to the courthouse with his cloths all tore and messy and he has a black eye but aint it a bute!?  He gives Andy back his nickel and he gives Barney back a nickel too then he says: " A peanut butter sandwich sure tastes better with milk." 

Floyd experienced a great joy when he found out he won the top prize in Goober's gas station giveaway. Then he discovered it was a mistake. He wasn't too happy after that, though he finally got over it.

Clara Edwards-Johnson winning the best pickle ribbon for the 564th time in a row. Correction--565th time.

Clara: "Nice".

One of my favorite Aunt Bee moments was when she realized Jerry was Robie Miller's little boy from Morgantown West Virginia.

Otis experienced great joy and feelings of accomplishment by polishing off a bottle every weekend.

Gomer obviously experienced great joy after he "adorned" Mary Grace with her "core-soj" and they were cutting a rug.  Both of them were so happy and having a great time.  Each of them seemed to bring out the best in the other:)

Everyone in the  All Souls Church seemed happy when they got their new organ.  Clara was particularly proud about her playing, her singing, and her powers of flirtation.




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