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Another kitchen question,  I do believe the size of Andy's kitchen increased at some point in the show  When the bowling episode aired and the fellas were sitting at the kitchen table, the room seemed larger to me.  

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The door and window seemed to move around, too.

You are right!  The episode with Howard bowling a perfect game definitely shows a lot of kitchen space.  

Yeah, I never understood why they would want to move the back door on the kitchen set. I guess that's one reason  why I never get much farther than season 5 episode 30, because that's when the color eps begin;  Barneys not there,  the sets change,  its just not the same.  Still good!  but just not the same.  

True and good point Franklin..."still good, but definitely not the same."

Another kitchen comment but sorta different...have you ever noticed how Aunt Bee will cook food and place it in the refrigerator without covering it up--or even "Tupperwaring" it?  I've seen her put what looks like a ham, and at one time I think, a chicken in there, minus wrapping.  Seems like when the Russians came for the summit they, too, were reaching in there and pulling out food which appeared as naked as the day it was cooked!

It's a mystery!

You are so right!  I never gave it much thought.  Aunt Bee was fussy and it seems strange that she would do that.  Maybe she was trying to give the Russians a stomach problem!

Did they have Tupperwear back then?

No I don't think she did have tupperware, if she did then Andy wouldn't have always had a brown paper sack fulla sandwiches to eat on the bus every time he went on a trip somewhere; He'd had a tupperware thing fulla sandwiches.

I just did a little research.  Tupperware was invented in 1946.  I never would've guessed it!

Awesome factoid, Susan.  Knowing Aunt Bee's meticulous housekeeping skills this only deepens the mystery. 

Speaking of brown paper bags fulla sandwiches....I remember when I was in the 3rd Grade that whenever I spent the night with my grandparents she'd fix my lunch for school of biscuits, bacon, eggs and some with jam.  Then she'd wrap up the whole shebang in a newspaper!  I was somewhat embarrassed by this at the time.  Now I'd give a million dollars (if I had it) for one of her biscuits--and the love that went with it:)




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