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Dancing was a favorite activity for many of the Mayberry folks.  Sometimes The Dance became the focal point of the story.  Let's think about different occasions where there was dancing, discussion of a dance, or preparations for a dance.  The episode where Opie falls for Miss Crump was the one I watched this morning.  First time I ever thought about how important dancing was in Mayberry--even in grammar school:

Miss Crump is teaching her class to waltz as part of their learning about the culture of another country.  Opie's partner is absent so he and Miss Crump trip the light fantastic.  Opie falls for Helen--hard.  This, of course, leads to major complications.

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I felt sorry for poor Opie when he didn't want to go to his first school dance because he didn't know how to dance. Andy kept on telling Opie he wouldn't make him go, but come the day of the dance, he did. Of course it all turned out well in the end. I get a laugh out of Andy trying to do one of those "modern" dances and looking like he had a hot foot.

Helen's dancing during that particular scene was wild, man, wild. Have to her give her credit but I always felt they were a bit cringeworthy.

It was far out baby. I guess Helen picked up some of those "modern" dances from her students, while Andy didn't have a clue. Add that to having to dance with all the men at Howard's groovy party and I nominate her for the first Mayberry Golden Shoes Award. 

I like Barneys little shuffle he does in "A Date for Gomer".

After they arrange for Mary Grace to go with Gomer, Barney is standing by the courthouse desk and says: "They'll be Mayberry.....tonight!"  Then he does a little 2 step with himself. (Andy can't quite do it though)

I always thought it was neat when Gomer and Goober found their perfect dance partners in the fun girls. They really saved the day by getting them out of the way so  Barney and Andy could smooth over Thelma Lou and Helen's ruffled feathers.

Let's not forget Charlene Darling. She could move!

Let's not forget Ernest T. Bass' little knee-knocking two step he did before he ran off hootin' and hollerin'.  He was a wild one.  He was a strange one.  He was a nut.

BARNEY:  "I'm not gonna go stand in no stag line with Mr. Perkins and a bunch of slumped over teen-aged boys!"

Did we ever see Mr. Schwamp actually dance?  I know he was always there--smiling and standing in the stag line.  But did he ever really cut a rug?  If so, who was his partner?

We see him with a nice looking fair haired lady at Mrs. Wylie's but his "dancing," isn't much more animated than his stag-line stylings. Unlike Barney he's not what you might call a sophisticated young man about town.

I wish I knew how to do screen caps. He's at 15:49 on this YouTube version of "My Fair Ernest T Bass."

"I wish I knew how to do screen caps"

I used to hit the print screen button all the time.  It never did anything?????

Then someone explained to me that "print screen" merely captures (copies) it.  You have to "paste" it somewhere to see it.  I use "Paint" and crop out everything but the picture.

Is that what you want??

Thank you George!  I might try it next time now that you've explained it for me, but it does sound like  quite a bit of work.

I have new appreciation for all the entertaining screen caps you all bring to us!



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