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Dancing was a favorite activity for many of the Mayberry folks.  Sometimes The Dance became the focal point of the story.  Let's think about different occasions where there was dancing, discussion of a dance, or preparations for a dance.  The episode where Opie falls for Miss Crump was the one I watched this morning.  First time I ever thought about how important dancing was in Mayberry--even in grammar school:

Miss Crump is teaching her class to waltz as part of their learning about the culture of another country.  Opie's partner is absent so he and Miss Crump trip the light fantastic.  Opie falls for Helen--hard.  This, of course, leads to major complications.

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There is the annual Chamber of Commerce dance we look forward to all year. 

I know it was a color episode, but when I think of dancing in Mayberry I first think of Fred Simpson who simply could not have been any cooler dancing at Arnold's party.

Although not a sanctioned Mayberry dance, I think Gomer and Mary Grace did an good job dancing in Thelma Lou's living room. 

Let's not forget all the dancing Helen did as the only female at Howard's party. 

Or all the dancing Helen did with Goober while Andy entertained his "near-cousin" visitor with the broken heart.  That one almost blew up in his face!

It was at a dance where we all heard Barney declare his love for Thelma Lou.  "you're the one I love" 

This reminds me of when Ernest T. Bass was trying to join the Army and was talking about how good his gold tooth (which he didn't have yet) would look, "especially when I'm dancin'."

Barney "dipped" with Sally up at O'Malley's cabin before "Big Maude" (AKA Ralph Henderson) got to him and he had to open the door to dance with her!  He don't like crowded dance floors. 

And wasn't his salt and pepper suit perfect for "dipping" at the big dances?

The most talented Mayberry dancer award goes to Emmett for his performance when he crashed Howard Sprague's swingin singles party. 

Although we never witnessed his dancing moves, don't you know Luke Taft was dashing on the dance floor in his two-toned wing-tipped loafers. 

Ernest T was a pretty cool dancer at Missus Wi-lee's soiree--that is until somebody made him change partners.  Then all H-E-double hockey sticks broke out!




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