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With TVLand killing prime-time TAGS, I have been watching TAGS on Netflix.  (I only have two seasons on DVD and I'm a slave to convenience.)  It's funny how some episodes are COMPLETELY familiar, absolutely NOTHING in them that I haven't seen a bazillion times.

But others have scenes (some short, some unbelievably long) that I don't remember ever seeing.  Barney and Bob studying the squad car ("Barney's Replacement"), and Aunt Bee baking the cake ("The New Doctor") come to mind.

Anyone care to share their unknown scenes?

(As an aside, can any Netflix users check S2, E10 "The Clubmen" and see if your sound is completely out of whack?)

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The Clubmen looks ok on my end.............maybe you need bigger wires.

No problems with mine.  Maybe you need to unplug that old freezer on the back porch.

Thanks guys!  Tried bigger wires and unplugging the thing.  Still, as the opening credits roll, Andy and Barney are thanking Roger for the "neighborly" invite.  Weird!  Tried with Roku player and Netflix capable TV, both do the same.

Strange... I hope it isn't the whole episode.

When the sound ends, the video just finishes without sound.  Amazon prime has TAGS, so at least I can continue.

One scene that comes to mind in in "Barney's Motorcycle", where the Taylors are awakened by the loud trucks.

I think there is one mid-show scene and the epilogue that will be shown in the DVD or Netflix but not on the TV version where commercials are shown. And with TVLand, I would not doubt if they deleted even more - that channel has more commercials than anything!

Good one Michael, TVLand has been known to show that scene in (very) recent times.  But that is a scene that was NEW to me in the last year.

Until I got the DVDs, I had never heard Barney relate the story to Andy about the time he had a bad sunburn and couldn't raise his arms and Miss Mendlebright came to his room and washed his hair. 

That's a good 'un.

Recently watched (on Netflix) "The Merchant of Mayberry" and the whole  Barney and the lipstick scene was completely foreign to me.  Funny stuff!

Now I understand Luther Heggs' post from the "Barney's Greatest Quotes" thread

"Why don't we go up to the old folks home and wax the stairs?"

That's always been one of my favorite TAG's lines, but I didn't know where it was from.  Now I know why I haven't run across it in years. 

I especially hate it when the re-run networks omit the epilogues -- usually the funniest lines in the whole episode.

There is some great trivia in the epilogues for sure!




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