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My husband and I have really been enjoying the old Rifleman series, lately and last night we spotted two TAGS alumni--Nice dress Nellie and Briscoe Darling.  Briscoe was a hangman in this episode, so that might be where he got his dislike to wearing neckties from...

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The Rifleman is a great series. I remember long ago when it was part of a great afternoon package syndicated shows on KTLA (channel 5) here in Los Angeles. Other greats in that block of afternoon programming were: Highway Patrol, Ozzie and Harriet, Father Knows Best, and of course... Andy Griffith! 

Yep, ol' Lucas Boy did his best to make Northfork's boothill, into a rather impressive mountain. ;-)

With the exception of Ozzie and Harriet, all of the shows you listed can be seen here in the Chicago area on the MeTV and MeTooTV cable channels. They are what TVLand used to be!

Sounds like some good cable channels there, Buff! I do get some minor local TV stations (not the major local ones, but ones way off the beaten path) that show lots of retro programming... some even classic black an' whites, but..... the prints of those shows are pretty scrappy and lousy. Even more beat up looking than the filmstrips and old 16mm films we were shown in elementary school.

I'm old and used to watch The Rifeman during its hayday. Back then as a kid, I had a different way of looking at things.  Today I can't watch the show for thinking,  No wonder Lucas could not make a living at ranching, he was always too busy minding everyone else's business.  Also, If I was Mica, I would have shot him in the back. 

Makes me fell like I'm about to get strung up.

I saw our Mayberry choir director John Masters on an old episode of "Wanter: Dead or Alive" starring Steve McQueen as Bounty Hunter Josh Randall.

He was "Ray Murray" (recurring) on "Dragnet".  His character was based on Chief Forensic Specialist Raymond Pinker of the LAPD, though Pinker or his family never received a dime from "Dragnet".

I've watched a lot of old shows, but none of them really did it for me as much as TAGS.

Pat,  you are soooo correct. 

"Leave it to Beaver" comes as close to it as any, but it still ain't Andy.

Yes, I like Leave it to Beaver, only because it seems I got in many of the same jams as the Beaver when I was a kid. Gocart on the roads, at carnivals I was not to be at, breaking my brother's trophy, cutting my own hair, etc, etc. Leave it to Beaver is also very well done with regard to writing, acting, and attention to detail. It does not have the variety that TAGS has however.

Whether you enjoyed or even saw The Rifleman, Johnny Crawford and his brother Robert Crawford Jr. are some of the kindest people anyone could ever meet!  It was one of the thrills of my life to be able to tell Johnny Crawford that The Riflemanwas the first show I ever saw the day we finally got a TV set which worked, and I watched it for years.  I hung out for hours with them at the final (so far) Festival of the West and they were friendly and extremely concerned, to the point of driving me to where I could catch a ride back to my hotel and saying they wished they could do more! Johnny's wife is also a wonderful sweet person.  I cherish a photograph signed by them both.  My love and concern flows out to them and I would urge everyone to donate anything they can.



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