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You bet I have one in mind. It's the one where Goober has a car inside the courthouse. GAK !!

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Well now, I find the very early 'sodes irritating where Andy talks in a drawl.

Sometimes the drawl was a bit much, but I much prefer the first few seasons, with Ellie, the little fat mayor, a healthy Floyd, more folksy happiest memories are back then.  Didn't like it at all when Andy got too prim and proper with his speech, seemed like the slingshot effect.  Anyway, there's room in Mayberry for everyone's feelings.  We love 'em, or we wouldn't be here.

I know what you mean, Deborah.  Love them all, but everyone has their favorites, hey?

I needed someone to say this. Sickenly sweet. Thanks Deborah R

Here is my list of least favorite episodes by season. The “stared” episodes are the episodes from that season that are hard for me to watch.
Season one                              The New Housekeeper
                                                 *Ellie Saves a Female
Season Two                             Opie and the Bully
                                                 The Pickle Story
                                                 *Cousin Virgil
Season three                            *Floyd the Gay Deceiver
                                                  Class Reunion
Season four                              *Opie the Birdman
Season five                               Andy and Helen have their day
                                                 The luck of Newton Monroe
                                                 *Banjo Playing Deputy


Note that some of these listed are the favorites of some. There is quite a bit of variety in tags due to the many different writers, the rapidly changing culture, and the general evolution of characters. You could almost classify it as 3 different shows, early Andy, the mid-series b/w era, and the counter-culture done Mayberry style.

I will just say I loved the show, start to finish :)

I learn something new everyday....There are episodes after season five????

Funny - but you might not know it to watch reruns these days. Networks that show the color episodes are as scarce as hen's teeth!

Every now and then, I pull up a color episode on Netflix...but it's not very often. Something about seeing those green walls in the courthouse turns me off. Seems like a whole different world.

TVLand tries showing the color, Fife-less episodes once in a while, but they quickly figure out that only the crickets and a few faithful are watching, and switch back to the B&W episodes.

Being a late bloomer, I discovered MASH4077, the superb series of the '70s and early '80s. I am a little worn around the edges with TAGS.

I'm with you there Ralph. The only color episodes worth watching are the four where ol' Barn comes back to town. 

They were not always easy to watch.  The plots were sometimes “re-dos”, and seeing Goober become a leading town citizen was tough to take.  However, I think there were some good ones other than the Barney ones.  The Fred Simpson episode and “Opie’s Band” were special.  Try to watch them while eating some “cool-looking” potato chips.  :-)




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