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You bet I have one in mind. It's the one where Goober has a car inside the courthouse. GAK !!

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Reminding us all of the Goober episode where he grew a beard and turned philosophical. <burp>

I'm with you Mayor. Indeed, I found some of the picks mentioned "shocking, just shocking" (to quote from Malcolm Merriweather). Even "Banjo Playing Deputy" (which is certainly my least favorite of the black and whites) has some great Floyd moments that I would hate to lose. And both "Opie and the Bully" and "Opie the Birdman" are likely to be in my top ten favorite episodes. Well, de gustibus and all that. 

The episode with a reunion and Thelma Lou is married to another guy. What were the writers thinking? I'm surprised Don Knotts didn't have some say in the script.

Ah, but that's life. And Barny was cast as a foot-dragger anyhow. Reminds me there were two reunion episodes though we keep seeing just one of them.

That's the only one I really can't stand to watch.

Thel and Barn had their arguments earlier and worked though them. A better story line would be them having a long distance tiff and making up during a school reunion.Having us believe that Barney would not keep in contact with her and her going and marrying some other guy was just not believable.

I'm of two minds on this one. I can see your point up to a point and a big part of me certainly prefers your storyline. But I'm not sure I find the episode unbelievable. People make dumb--really dumb--mistakes with respect to love (I admit to being guilty of this myself). In the grand scheme of things, I find it nice that "Return to Mayberry" allows them to come together again late in life. More than any other sitcom, TAGS inspires rather deep feelings in me--joy and sadness--and this episode does a really good job of bringing out the sadness. 

Barney didn’t keep in touch with Andy, either.  I always thought that was a bit odd.  

Since they weren't very far away. It does seem curious.

Didn't really care for Goober at all, or Gomer either, although he had his moments.  Goober shoulda stayed out on his hopped-up boat, and left the funnies to the main cast.


Goober had his moments: When he opened the case with a quarter of a million:

Andy: "Goober, you didn't see this!"

Goober: "I'm lookin' right AT it!"

Cracks me up every time!

Absolutely. Should have won an Emmy or at least a GOLeee.




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