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You bet I have one in mind. It's the one where Goober has a car inside the courthouse. GAK !!

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There are a few episodes I think we could have done without. S1:E5 "Irresistible Andy" It wasn't really funny and Andy looked foolish. S1:E12 "Stranger in Town". I didn't care much for either. S1:E15 "Those Gossipin' Men" was pretty dumb too. Andy being a man of wisdom was too easily duped.

I guess they all can't be winners. 

Dud, I have great respect for your opinions and posts (and enjoy reading them), but I can't go along with you here. "Irresistible Andy" has one of the great monologues (when Andy "realizes" that Ellie is a "desperate hunter") and "Stranger in Town" to me is a kinda cool reversal of the familiar plot of ....well...a stranger coming into town. In other examples (Ellie's first episode, Gossipin Men, the manicurist, Bailey boy, Man in a Hurry), the new person has to adapt to the town and its quirks (whether consciously or not). But Ed Sawyer already knows everything about everyone (to a creepy extent). Maybe I'm easily impressed but I find that episode clever (not a favorite but still...) 

Don't dump on me, but "Opie the Birdman" is one I could do without.  

"Well, Inkin will tell Blinkin, Blinkin will tell Nod, Nod will tell Barney and Barney will tell you"

Now, that thar's funny, I don't care where yer frum.

I thought this show was good because it did have a moral to the story line. First, Opie didn't listen to his Pa about being careful with the slingshot, then when he knew that he killed the bird, he didn't fess up about it, then, he did take responsibility and help raise the peeps until they could be released and then finally, he wanted to keep the birds longer, but knew that the birds needed to be set free. So, to me at least, it did have a good story line. 

"Cousin Virgil" is one I just can't bear to watch.

Also, the last B&W episode - "Banjo Playing Deputy". Lame!

I also can't watch the Virgil show.  The theme was so inconsistent.  

I don't mind Virgil but I think I agree with the Banjo fella. I just don't find that Van Dyke brand of humor appealing, I guess. It's one of the few episodes I will skip. 

I agree, never liked Michael Pollard as an actor.  Seemed kind of creepy to me.  Jerry Van Dyke had his own type of humor, with the need for someone else to finish his sentences.  Same with Jack Burns (?), Andy's deputy later on.  Did you like him? HUH?HUH?HUH?HUH?

Those two episodes are hard to watch. They definitely belong in the Mayberry dump.

Haha. But does that mean we have to go there at night with a lantern and watch them in the dark?

I'd rather find and read that magazine Ole Barn subscribed for from that college kid selling subscriptions. You know there are some great articles by great authors in that magazine.  Just look at the ribbon around the girls ankle.   



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