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You bet I have one in mind. It's the one where Goober has a car inside the courthouse. GAK !!

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...and also Emma Watson yelled at Ellie in the pharmacy and said "Come next Christmas you can bet I won't be buying my cotton balls from you!" 

My top black and white "could do without" episodes in no particular order.

1. The Merchant of Mayberry- never liked the Bert Miller character, very forgettable episode overall.

2. The Bed Jacket-i might get a lot of flack on this one, but i've never been a big fan of Aunt Bee themed episodes. Most of them are in the in color seasons and seem very far fetched, like flying a plane, being the host of a cooking show, being in a furniture polish commercial, etc. Overall, her character can be petty and stubborn, and this is displayed in this episode when she cries like a child and leaves the room when she doesn't receive the birthday present she wanted

3. Prisoner of Love- an offbeat episode, feels just a bit too seductive and romantic for a storyline on this show. Also, weakens Andy's usual moral, upstanding character, as even he, along with Barney, is drawn in by the female prisoner's wily ways!

4. Guest in the House- again, just a little bit too much of a romantic, seductive, jealous storyline for TAGS

5. Banjo Playing Deputy- i'm with a lot of you on this forum on this one. Jerry Van Dyke's comedy style just didn't fit well.

6. Opie and the Carnival- it seems to me like they were just trying to round out the season without Don Knotts, and they had to come up with a few quick stories. Very forgettable.

I agree with all of your choices, Matt.  I could live without them, but for me, the B&W episodes of The Andy Griffith Show are a package deal.  As for the color shows, watching Miss Frump doing the frug, or whatever abomination she was performing, didn't do it for me back then, and it doesn't to this day.  Ugh.  Only the return episodes of Barney saved the lot of them, imho.

Regarding your number 2....nothing I hate worse than a housekeeper on a crying jag.

Hahaha, agreed, even worse than a wine-0!

For a change, i'd like to list my top 5 in Color Episodes, to help move in a positve direction!

1. Goober Makes History- for some reason, i love this one. It allows George lindsey to come out of the goober character a bit, being "philosophical and intelligent' but as fans, we still see the unsophisticated nature of Goober. That's got to be brung out.

2. The Wedding- though the title can throw me off, this episode focuses on Howard Sprague's (one of the most underrated characters on TAGS) new life as a bachelor after his mother gets married and moves out. I love the hanging beads in the doorway and all the modern styles of his new "pad."

3. Opie's Group- As a musician, i always had a soft spot for this one. I like seeing what kids thought was "cool" and "groovy" in the late 60s! It still holds true today, kids get caught up in their "image," and have to play the role of the cool kid!

4. a Visit to Barney Fife- Barney (actually Andy) nabs a supermarket robbing family that Barney has been staying with. While I like all the color episodes with Barney, this one has to be my favorite, because it has all the characteristics of an old classic; an unlikely suspect (s), Barney blowing it by giving too much info and not seeing the obvious, and Andy swooping in and saving the day to make Barney look like a genius!

5. Dinner at Eight- what starts out as an exciting few days for Andy-batchin' it....eating what he wants, watching whatever he wants on TV, walkin' around in his stockin' feet, ends up with him getting stuffed because of a miscommunication on the part of Goober. Andy has 3 spaghetti dinners and feels miserable. I guess we all can relate to that feeling of where you can't take another bite, and the meat sweats are taking over, so you have to pat your face with a dishtowel!

Matt those are in my favorite color episodes list too. Two more for your consideration on your list are "Man's Best Friend" and "Mind Over Matter".  In both of these, Floyd does a great job of steering Goober the wrong way! 

i do like "MInd Over Matter." That's just what Johnny Harris his soul.

those are all great episodes. 

I like every single episode.  And I really love the color episodes.  Some of the best episodes in the series are in color.



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