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You bet I have one in mind. It's the one where Goober has a car inside the courthouse. GAK !!

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For a change, i'd like to list my top 5 in Color Episodes, to help move in a positve direction!

1. Goober Makes History- for some reason, i love this one. It allows George lindsey to come out of the goober character a bit, being "philosophical and intelligent' but as fans, we still see the unsophisticated nature of Goober. That's got to be brung out.

2. The Wedding- though the title can throw me off, this episode focuses on Howard Sprague's (one of the most underrated characters on TAGS) new life as a bachelor after his mother gets married and moves out. I love the hanging beads in the doorway and all the modern styles of his new "pad."

3. Opie's Group- As a musician, i always had a soft spot for this one. I like seeing what kids thought was "cool" and "groovy" in the late 60s! It still holds true today, kids get caught up in their "image," and have to play the role of the cool kid!

4. a Visit to Barney Fife- Barney (actually Andy) nabs a supermarket robbing family that Barney has been staying with. While I like all the color episodes with Barney, this one has to be my favorite, because it has all the characteristics of an old classic; an unlikely suspect (s), Barney blowing it by giving too much info and not seeing the obvious, and Andy swooping in and saving the day to make Barney look like a genius!

5. Dinner at Eight- what starts out as an exciting few days for Andy-batchin' it....eating what he wants, watching whatever he wants on TV, walkin' around in his stockin' feet, ends up with him getting stuffed because of a miscommunication on the part of Goober. Andy has 3 spaghetti dinners and feels miserable. I guess we all can relate to that feeling of where you can't take another bite, and the meat sweats are taking over, so you have to pat your face with a dishtowel!

Matt those are in my favorite color episodes list too. Two more for your consideration on your list are "Man's Best Friend" and "Mind Over Matter".  In both of these, Floyd does a great job of steering Goober the wrong way! 

i do like "MInd Over Matter." That's just what Johnny Harris his soul.

those are all great episodes. 

I like every single episode.  And I really love the color episodes.  Some of the best episodes in the series are in color.

A Case Of A Punch In The Nose is one episode I could do without, and that's a B&W one. Barney's relentlessness and stubborness at not letting the old matter drop not only gets on Andy's nerves but mine as well. There's probably a few more, but that's the one that always springs to mind. In the later episodes I could certainly do without Howard's mother, and any episode where Helen gets jealous, which seems to be about every second or third episode she's in. Being spoiled for choice and able to pick-and-choose any episode you want to watch, especially when you have the DVDs, the 'lesser' episodes are easily avoided, but even in those episodes there is usually a funny scene or two. 

This brings up a potential debate: How realistic is TAGS?

Opie and the birds

Never cared for Goober, myself.  I think Barney could have saved that episode with a well-placed bullet from his holstered gun, right through a tire.  I could easily list my top 5 episodes that include elements I don't really care for, but I'd never want to eliminate one of them.  All 159 are cherished to me as part of the Andy family episodes.

--I never liked Andy and Mary Simpson's attempt at romantic involvement, either one of the Marys.  To me, they were dead in the water before the end of the episode.  Barney saves the day in each of them, with his bungling.

--A story line that began with the B&W episodes, and continued after Barney left the show, was Miss FRUMP's angry demeanor, once it got going.  Then Andy practically became Mr. Helen FRUMP, always cowering to her snits. 

I have a hard time watching 'The Legend Of Barney Fife.' I think the producers went way over the top, making Barney look much too foolish and cowardly.




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