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Besides some sour grapes concerning the cable channels that keep showing the same 'sodes ad nauseum, I'm fed up with even trying to tune in, I also have observations:

1---In Mayberry on Record, how absurd that the  man uses a Webcor tape recorder just like ordinary people may have had in their home, When you try to tape in a common room like he did, you get all sorts of interference noise. Just silly that he was supposedly making records in such a slip shod way.

2---In Barney's Replacement, Barney gets bent out of shape over losing his job to the man who obviously was only on board temporarily, and was an attorney who surely would not even consider taking a deputy position, giving up his professional legal career.

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I can't recall the ep, pretty sure it's a color one. Andy and Opie have risen early to go fishing and are having breakfast. Aunt Bee enters the kitchen and doesn't say one word about the dirty, smelly tackle box setting right in the middle of the table amongest the food. No way that would happen!

I marvel at how Goober was able to disassemble and reassemble an entire car in a few short hours!

Must be true though. Goober makes mention of it in the one appearance he makes in a Gomer Pyle episode.

True, that.....and I sure didn’t see an engine lift anywhere.  Was Goober that strong?

When Andy stops for gas after attending the car show in Raleigh, Opie declines an offer of a bottle of pop. Never in recorded history has a boy refused a bottle of pop when on a road trip!

I always wondered why there was no call for a jail matron when the lovely Susan Oliver got thrown in the clink.  If Aunt Bee wasn’t available, there was quite a selection of appropriate Mayberry females for the job.  

Yes, but it sure would have made for a dull episode.  Why have Susan Oliver in the show without the temptation of sex.  

Well, I suppose that’s why some episodes have unbelievable to keep it interesting.

There are so many episodes with unbelievable aspects.  

1.  Opie the birdman, totally unbelievable. 

2.  Replacing a burned barn and content for 300 dollars

3.  Suspending Andy from office based on a newspaper article and no investigation, then having the hearing the next day. 

4.  Not convicting ETB for vandalism. 

5. The pickle story, everybody knows pickles have to age for several weeks before they can be eaten.

The list could go on and on.  BUT, that is what makes Mayberry such a special place. A place we enjoy all the unbelievable aspects that we many times wish could happen.

Don't analyze just enjoy.  Mayberry is the closest thing to Heaven we will experience on this side of life.    

Just curious, Shorty....what’s your thinking on the birdman episode?  Why unbelievable?

Howard hooks Old Sam.

Howard bowls a perfect game.

Howard leaves his undershirt in a drawer in his office.

Believable: Howard is scared of his mommy.

Annabelle Silby pulls off a funeral and burial without a body.  Musta slipped one by old Orville.  Town Sheriff didn't seemed concerned either when he found out. 

That's hard to top, Bobby. Thanks a bundle.

Meanwhile, in more than one show they go to the dump dressed up, no one wearing gloves, Barney in uniform, Andy in clothes nice enough for dining at Morelli's.

Admittedly there's no garbage, nothing wet, just various dry trash, but still....GAK !  More business for Fred Goss.




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