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I love them all and use them in conversation to the befuddlement of most listeners. I'd love to have a collection for quick reference.

1. "It's me, it's me, it's Ernest T."

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Ernest T said his love life was so bad that he'd just get some critters and "hermitize myself".  "Hermitize" is a word that will come in handy in most any conversation:)

Oh yes!  Nothing expresses contrition like, "I'll just find a cave an hermatize myself."  You can even go on and say that living alone ain't so bad if you get enough squirrels and raccoons to live with you.

But a  happier Ernest T will sing :

Old Aunt Mariah jumped in the fire

  • fire too hot, jump in the pot
  • pot too black, jump in the crack
  • crack too wide, jump in the sky
  • sky too blue jump in canoe
  • canoe too shallow, jump in the tallow
  • tallow too soft, jump in the loft
  • loft too rotten, jump in the cotton
  • cotton so white she stayed their all night!
My two faves from ETB...hermitize myself and

"I got a rude"

I like ETB's line about Hoggette: "Caught her right here"

Ernest T. on whether or not he needs an education: "I already know the front part of the alphabet --A B C F M G.  I know a whole lot of other letters, but not in a row like that."

she done married the taxidermist twich sewed up her head!

Another from The Education Of ETB...."Kelsey's Ocean".....(the logical western boundary.)

You could use this ETB line in any conversation Mrs. Mendlebright: "That's for me to know and you to find out" or if your ever in any crowded event just yell out that "She called me a creach-ter".

I had a use for creach-ter just this morning!

  My cat lives in a cozy box in the garage with a nice knitted bed I made for him and the patio table he uses for his food so the dog can't get at it.  I went out this morning and I could tell a certain  stray cat, known as The Creachter had been through. 

He ate every last bit of food, turned over the water dish, tracked mud all over the table and did something unmentionable to my cat's bed!  I thought to myself, if there had been napkins and a punch bowl he would have dipped the napkins in the punch bowl and thrown them against the ceiling to see if they stuck!

Think Ernest T has been reincarnated as a cat??

Well the Creature is short and wiry with a square face and a bristly, brindle coat.  I'll bet he kills mockingbirds, too.

My poor, old diabetic cat was nervous and jumpy all day yesterday, so I decided to take maters in my own hands and bought a water pistol.  I hated to go that far.

Of course he didn't show once I was locked and loaded.

ETB: If a duck stands still, you can catch him by the bill.



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