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Yes, trivia and inconsistencies...


This is the only episode of TAGS where all three Howard men appear: Rance, Ron and Clint.

Mayberry is thought to be based on Griffith's hometown of Mount Airy, NC. Fort Knox plays a central role in this episode, and the granite used to construct Fort Knox came from a quarry in Mount Airy.
The seven million dollars that the truck is carrying is equivalent to $56,365,200 in 2017.
In the opening scene, the two Treasury Agents are indifferent to Barney and are waiting in the courthouse for the Sheriff to return. Barney is agitated at being dismissed by them. He picks up the phone book from the Sheriff's desk and begins to nervously flip through it. In several screen shots of Barney holding the phone book, you can plainly read "Mount Airy" on the front cover - Andy Griffith's birthplace and hometown. It has been a long held belief that the fictional town of Mayberry is based on Mount Airy, North Carolina.
This episode was one of only four on the eight "complete season" Paramount DVD sets that do not have laugh tracks. All four occur in the Fall of season 4 (discs 1 and 2). They were presumably originally broadcast with a laugh track.
Small cameo by late comedian Doodles Weaver, uncle of actress Sigourney Weaver.
Deputy Gomer Pyle (Jim Nabors) carries a protest sign for Regis (Doodles Weaver) which reads, "Down with the Gold Standard; Vote for the Single Tax!" At the time of this episode (two weeks before his assassination), one of the issues facing President John F. Kennedy focused on whether or not the United States should return to the gold standard or continue to make silver-backed currency and fiat currency without tangible subsidy. On March 20, 1968, Congress repealed the requirement for a gold reserve to back US currency.
The sign that Gomer is holding reads "Down with the gold standard; Vote for the single tax!"


In the opening scene, the two Treasury Agents are waiting in the courthouse for the Sheriff return. Before Opie walks in the door, the T-Agent on the right (Rance Howard) is wearing a lighter colored suit. A second later, as Opie is walking from the doorway toward where Barney is sitting, you can see the agents sitting in the background. Freezing the frame reveals that the two actors sitting down are not the two who entered.
The two government agents, at the beginning of the episode, come in and take their hats off. Moments later, Opie comes in and passes by them, and the agents have their hats on. Moments after that, Andy comes in and their hats are off again. While there was barely enough time to do this off-camera, it would not make sense for the agents to place their hats on again for about a 20-second period.
When Barney is in the hotel, his trench coat is dry. But when he leaves to go outside, the shoulders of the coat are wet.
Right after Gomer accidentally puts gasoline in the truck where Barney is sitting, his pants miraculously dry seconds later.
At the gas station a big deal is made of having Barney and the armored truck guard trade places quickly so the door won't be open long. However, when the truck first pulls into town the head FBI guy steps out of the truck by this same door, and he doesn't seem worried about opening the door in front of dozens of townspeople.
Because the 40 acre back lot had limited space for country scenes, the same stretch of unpaved road was often used for longer distances, either shot from different angles, or using the exact same footage repeated more than once. For that era of television and film making no one expected the possibility of endless repeat viewings, allowing future audiences to notice these "cheats".
The gold truck arrives in Mayberry under rainy conditions, with most of the crowd wearing raincoats and holding umbrellas. However, when Andy leaves the gas station to chase the truck, his patrol car kicks up copious amounts of dust.

Plot holes 

When Barney first gets into the armored truck, the Treasury people hand him a gun. When he's let out of the truck, the Treasury people drive off without getting the gun back from Barney.
The gold shipment is said to be coming from the Denver mint in Colorado and bound for Fort Knox, about 40 miles south of Louisville, Kentucky. There is no logical reason for the gold to be passing through Mayberry, some 500 miles further east of its destination.

Revealing mistakes 

During the armored truck chase scene, interior shots of Barney bouncing around clearly show the "locked" door to the outside coming open. Also, Barney at one points appears to kick the locked door open, but the scene cuts quickly away before a clear view is shown.

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All of the information originally appeared on

Let me preface the following by saying, and it has been said before, back in the 60’s when TAGS was being created, those creating the show had no thoughts that TAGS would have such a following 50+ years later. They also, had no knowledge that “we” would have the technology we have today to dissect and analyze each scene. If so, I suspect “they” would have put more into continuity. They were just trying to make a living and produce a product the public would like.

I have noticed most of the issues you point out. Keep in mind, the scenes are individually filmed(shot), one camera, and not necessarily in chronological order. Regarding the scenes where the ID of the T-men change from one scene to the next then back, I once read somewhere that that took place because of the child actor rule. When Opie was available, the initial T-men were not, thus “they” for the sake of time, just stuck two different guys in the background of the scene.

I’m sure all scenes of an episode that take place in the courthouse are shot at one time while, all scenes that take place on the Taylor porch are also shot at one time, etc, and not in chronological order. Once all scenes are shot, they are then pieced together in the editing process. As you watch an episode, count the number of times the camera angle changes. Each camera angle change represents a different scene. It is a wonder they get anything correct.

When one looks at a scene where you can only see one actor speaking, the actor to whom he/she is speaking may or may not even be in the studio. A good example of a scene where the actor is speaking to another actor, yet that actor is not in the scene. In the episode “Thelma Lou’s Attractive Cousin” when Barney arrives at Thelma Lou’s house, Barney honks, Thelma Lou runs out of her house, leans against the passenger door of the squad car in doing so, covers the door vent window. In the scenes where she is talking to Barney, the vent window can not be seen, yet in the scenes with Barney is talking to Thelma Lou, from the passenger seat and through the door window, the vent window is totally visible. Thelma Lou may not have even been on set when Barney’s scene was shot.

Of course, Shorty, but do you feel TAGS is unique in this way? There were movies back then, not to say years before then. It's fun to notice and talk about, more fun to be sure than seeing all the same episodes cycling over and over and over again. Oh now, did I change the subject? By the by, the windows all over Mayberry had no screens.  That would work for a show in Barrow, Alaska where it never gets above zero four months every year, but in North Carolina?




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