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When it comes to options for discussion here at the iMayberry Community, there are three places you might want to consider posting your comments.

1) Groups:

Groups have been created to help users focus discussion around particular topics that are known to be of interest to fans of The Andy Griffith Show and members of the iMayberry Community. Click Here to see a list of the current groups. This list will grow over time so check back every now and then. IF the topic you'd like to discuss would best fit in one of our groups feel free to add it to the discussion there.

2) Forum:

If you have a topic you'd like to talk about you can start a discussion about a topic in the Forum found by clicking here.

The Forum is a great place to say something and get responses from fellow fans so please add anything you believe would be fun to talk about. Keep in mind that topics should be Mayberry related.

If your topic does fit in one of the groups (above), please consider posting your comments there rather than the general forum. A major benefit of doing this is so everyone who is a member of that group will receive an email notification of your new discussion and you're more likely to get responses. (Note: Notifications can be turned off so don't worry if you don't want to get them..just turn it off.)

3) Blogs:

There is a "blogs" feature here at the iMayberry Community. The focus of the Groups and Forums is for discussion, as talked about above. The idea of the blog feature is to give you a place to share more about you in more of an "article" format. Readers will have the ability to comment on your blog posts but the main purpose is sharing information (verses starting an ongoing discussion about a particular topic).

To get to the blog feature, you simply go your member profile and in the right hand menu you'll see a link that says "Blog Posts."

So Where Should You Post Your Content/Discussions?

The goal of the iMayberry Community is to allow people to build meaningful relationships around our shared passion for The Andy Griffith Show. Having ongoing discussions with our friends here in our little corner of Mayberry is one of the best ways to grow those relationships with one another.

The primary goal of this community is to have discussions occur so where they take place isn't as important as the fact that the conversation happens.

That said, it is our desire that if there is an existing group that is a good fit for your discussion topic, that you first consider placing your topic in the appropriate group.

If there is not a group, feel free to create the discussion in the forum area.

As far as the blog posting feature, use this as a tool to share more about yourself or some insightful Mayberry information.

I look forward to getting to know you all better and to seeing what's on your mind and in your hearts.


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Gosh, I already visit 3 message boards daily. No time to add a 4th but I'll try posting at the groups or at least reading them

I understand, Marie.  We'll be here if it turns out to be somewhere you enjoy visiting.




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