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OK...Let's find the stuff that may not be so obvious, and the ones that make you think, "Hey, I never noticed that before." and post them for all to now be able to notice.

Post the Episode and the thing you noticed.  See my first post as an example.

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Barney celebrated 5 years on the force in "Barney's Physical." (S5E2), yet it was noted that he'd been a Deputy for 10 years in Citizen's Arrest", the season before (S4E11)when Andy found the receipt for the first revolver he ever issued Barney.  

As Aunt Bee, Thelma Lou, Floyd and Opie are preparing for Barney's surprise party, to celebrate his being on the force for 5 years, the single date calendar of the wall reads "May 15". After Barney enters the courthouse the date has changed to "May 16".

Whichever it is...Happy anniversary Barney!

I'm a little proud of myself for my first post; I read through all the posts, and I didn't see this one.  If I'm wrong and it was already posted, I think I might go out and get The Herpes.  It's from "Ellie for Council" and we can't have those dangburn doors a slammin'!

Nice catch LaysOnMyChest. A great first post?

Thank you kindly.  I'm a school teacher, and I watch TAGS nearly every day during my break.  A nice little break from the "real world."  I use the show to teach idioms and plot development, and of course..bud nippin' 101!

A right nice place you have here!  

Cool. When I was teaching, I used to stop the lines and initiate "trouble checks" when my students weren't behaving as expected in the halls. They also used to get a kick out of the phrase "more power to ya' ", when I used it in appropriate situations. ;-)

Have you ever noticed....

That-   Big Maude Tyler,  from Convicts at Large, was also Eleanora Poultice;  aka -  Barney's voice teacher. 

And she also looks a lot like Ralph Henderson.

A similar item: One of the convicts was also one of the Fun Girls. Amazing what some makeup can do! 

That's one of her aliases since she broke out of the State Pen.

"There's nobody here!"

I just noticed the mysterious "Barney's Cave Rescue Woman". She is not there. Then she shows up. Then she is gone. Then she is back. See clips numbered in order below. Also Gomer disappears for a clip as well!

The man in the glasses seen in all four pictures; seems like I read where he was involved in the show's production in some way. I've seen him in other eps as well. Can anyone confirm?




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