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OK...Let's find the stuff that may not be so obvious, and the ones that make you think, "Hey, I never noticed that before." and post them for all to now be able to notice.

Post the Episode and the thing you noticed.  See my first post as an example.

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Obviously the work of Ernest T Bass!

Yeah - they'd have to go into town for new glass....which may have been the reason for their being in town when they were sidetracked by Aunt Bee's "rose poetry" speakin' to Briscoe's heart. 

Since normally they'd only go to town for big-ticket events like picking up the Private First Class returning from servicin' his country, burying a divorce proceeding, or finding a husband for a baby girl -- I'm surprised that an insignificant thing like new panes of glass would be worth firing up the ol' pickup!

in referencing Duds post from about page 2 about tobacco products in Mayberry,

In S1 E21 I believe Barney implies he is going to get some cigars for Gentleman Dan Caldwell at the Drug Store.

Also in S5 E10 "Goodbye, Sheriff Taylor" when Barney is pep talking his three Deputy candidates in the Courthouse and he hits Otis with a tomato the stain on his shirt grows and shrinks with the different camera angles.


Good eyee and ears Steve!

File this under "trivial trivia".

In "Wedding Bells For Aunt Bee", at about the 4:10 mark, Otis lights up a cig, which is not that unusual. What is unusual is that he pulls it out of his pocket, and it has been previously smoked! It is shorter than it should be, and the end, before he even lights it, is black! 

I will have no smoking of used cigarettes in my town! 

Could this be typical drunk or hobo behavior?

I was startled watching the Newton Munroe episode when he went down in the basement to work on the furnace. What furnace??  We know from the Save Andy's Life one that the jail had a heater near the "maximum security" cells.

Have you ever noticed that in the early episodes, there's a door in the corner next to cell #2 (or is it cell #1?  Check with Gomer.)?  Not long after that, the door is gone, and the heater ends up over that way.  Personally, I think the door was expendable, but I wouldn't take a dollar and a quarter for the heater.

Heard about that mysterious door. I have been working on the front door mail slot that someone reported is not there in every episode. I keep seeing it. Anyone else checking?

Okay, I am no talented noticer like some of you. But in the runaway kid episode, Barney pulls up to Andy's house driving what looks like an old '49 Lincoln. All I know is that Barney never had a car except the one he bought from Murt "Hubcaps" Lesh. That lemon was identified as his first car. 

Speaking of cars, in Quiet Sam Andy gets the call and rushes out to the house in the cruiser, then Barney goes later. How did he get there? 

And speaking of noticing, the Mayberry Band bus zooms away to he capital, and Andy and Barney are in  that bus. So is Floyd, who was as good a deputy sub as he was a trombone player. Not a word was mentioned about who was protecting the township. Fact is, Andy and Barney were away together time and time again. Out of contact at the lake. By the by, they had a police radio in the cruiser in one account plus a base station in the courthouse, yet otherwise Barney bemoaned they had nothing. 

Did Sarah work 24 hours a day? Andy called once and told her he was sorry he woke her up. 


I think Aunt Bee was the emergency back-up, armed with her wooden spoon.  Ouch!

I think in those days, operators slept by the phone, rather at their home or elsewhere. It was like a 24-hour job. Also, If you remember in Quiet Sam, Barney had a possie accompany him out to Sam's and Floyd has a car. Could he have ridden with Floyd?

And they were running the furnace in the summer!

Like Floyd (or was it Calvin Coolidge) says, “Everyone complains about the weather but nobody does anything about it!” I guess running that furnace would be the wrong thing to do!




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