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OK...Let's find the stuff that may not be so obvious, and the ones that make you think, "Hey, I never noticed that before." and post them for all to now be able to notice.

Post the Episode and the thing you noticed.  See my first post as an example.

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Except for the time Andy steps out with Mavis Neff!
Haha. Good one Mayor Pike
I understand that Mavis can be quite forward.
Didn't really know where to place this, but.....I took my granddaughter to the the animated movie Rock Dog. The "star" is a young Mastiff that helps his father guard a village of peaceful sheep on Snow Mountain. One of the older sheep is the town barber, and his name guessed it......Floyd. ;-)
This "Sheep were his sideburns, Bernie Fife?
They looked uneven to me. :-)
Have you ever noticed in "Barney Gets His Man"...after Barney gets off the ground with Eddie Brook...he has his hat off. Three seconds later it's on his head again.
Have you ever noticed that the county of Mayberry went from "dry" to "wet" at some point? Andy, Helen, Howard and Alice are drinking wine at Morelli's in "Andy's Old Girlfriend" and the Spare Ribs Tavern sold beers for 25 cents in "Aunt Bee's Restaurant".

Wow!  You must be a trained noticer!

The Mayberry Prohibition ended with the black and white episodes.

Frank brought strange French wine to Andy's and Andy offered Howard a beer at the lodge! Also, the weird professor was feeding wine to Aunt Bee.

...ever notice that the girl who organized the class reunion looked like Thelma Lou, and also that same girl came into Andy's house with all the other girls in 'A wife for Andy'  ?             Betty Lynn has very good acting skills.  

Yes, I noticed Franklin.  Played the character 'Floss' in the reunion episode.  Did a good job with her.

I get tickled when Andy asks Barney where Thelma Lou went.  Barney says:  "Floss got a a hold of her"




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