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OK...Let's find the stuff that may not be so obvious, and the ones that make you think, "Hey, I never noticed that before." and post them for all to now be able to notice.

Post the Episode and the thing you noticed.  See my first post as an example.

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Ha. Hilarious. But those selections were over their heads. 

Probably could not sing Acapella either! 

Just saw The Mayberry Band episode, I noticed that there was only a bass drum and one snare drum and yet after the band marches past Mayor Stone and goes into the alley to change uniforms back the drum cadence never stops.  That was some special drumming, lol. 

OK. Here's one I think I need help with....In the episode "Opie's Most Unforgettable Character," Andy, Howard, and Goober are sitting on the bench outside the barbershop and Andy is clearly flattered by the idea that Opie is writing his essay (on the most unforgettable character in his life) about Andy himself. Andy, feeling a bit puffed up by all this, says "I guess I have done a little living in my time." The shot moves to Goober and you hear his voice say "you can say that again" in an odd tone but his lips never move. The way the voice is recorded you can tell that this is a "voice-over" and we are hearing Goober's unexpressed thoughts. I'm ashamed to admit that I never noticed it until today. 

Now...this strikes me as exceedingly odd and raises a few questions.

1) Is there any other instance in which we hear a character's thoughts in this manner?

2) What is up with Goober at this moment? Is the tone meant to convey admiration? Some weird sense of judgment or minor resentment (jealousy perhaps)?

3) I have to admit, it sounds like the latter to me. So then what gives? Is Goober still upset about the Flora incident?

Wow Floyd's 2nd Chair, that is absolutely bizarre! I just watched it. He sounds almost resentful, but yet, prior to that there was no resentment.  And the strange look on Goober's face!

In Howard's New Life there were voice-overs of other characters. Also only one of two dream scenes. I love dream scenes - basically anything goes. Opie's dream scene was great too.   

Thanks Mayor! I knew there must be another voice-over somewhere. Do you mean the scene where Howard is lying in bed "haunted" by the travel show he had watched and Opie's criticism of his job? You have a great memory!! That one seems a bit more standard sit-com fare in some ways than this Goober moment, which just seems so odd to me. But still, I should have figured the mayor of the town would come up with another example. Great stuff. 

The Opie dream scene is one of those great TAGS moments. 

And yes...that look on Goober. That Goober has hidden depths; he's a study.

Yes, those were the voice-overs of Howard's New Life.

I remember some of those color episodes from their original broadcasts when I was a kid. We watched the show regularly in our home at that time. I think that is why I have a certain fondness for the color episodes even though the B/W episodes, as a whole, were better. I was only 2 years old during season 1 so even though we watched these episodes, I don't remember much in the first runs of the B/W seasons. Not sure when they started doing reruns. I remember my Uncle John (or Aunt Emma), who would be about 120 years old now, saying how they liked Barney the best from Andy Griffith and lamenting that he was no longer in the later episodes! 

in Season 3 Episode 4: "Ernest T Bass Joins the Army"...we see men carrying a plate glass window.  Andy remarks that that's the new window for the courthouse.  Did anybody ever notice that the men are walking in the opposite direction of the courthouse...down the street past the Hotel and Grand Theater?  

I did notice that, Colonel.  I just chalked it up to the continuity manager being on a coffee break.

For all you trained noticers: Next time you watch "The Big House", watch Gomer's shotgun the first time he drops it from the roof when he's on "blockhouse lookout". It comes flying off the roof, lands flat on the sidewalk (and sticks like it's magnetized - no bounce!) with the butt facing to the left, then when Andy reaches down to pick it up, it's facing to the right.

Tell me that ain't first-class noticin'!

I've also noticed then Gomers legs are hanging off the roof, and the gun slides off the roof, the roof seems flat right up to the edge.  Yet, when they're on top of the roof later you can see it has a ledge.

Never noticed that before, chickie!

Way to make the scene!




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