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OK...Let's find the stuff that may not be so obvious, and the ones that make you think, "Hey, I never noticed that before." and post them for all to now be able to notice.

Post the Episode and the thing you noticed.  See my first post as an example.

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Didn't dawn on me until last evening, but the Mayberry sheriff uniforms didn't feature short sleeve shirts, known in the business as "summer uniforms." Even on those "scorcher" days when the freezer conked and Opie was shirtless running around "like a savage," Andy was wearing long sleeves. 

It’s kind of weird to see Andy in short sleeves.  I remember seeming him so in one of the color episodes.  Can anyone point out any specific instances?  (I know he was seen in a bowling shirt in season 8.)

I knew that.  I just took it down a different path.  Sorry!

Did he have a tattoo 'I love Ellie', and didn't want to offend Peggy or any of the other ladies he dated along the way?  Ok, I know that's reaching way out there, but he was in the military (on the program).  I can't imagine either him or Barney wearing short sleeves, even though Barney's family were all muscle, no fat.

I noticed in Man in a Hurry, Mister Tucker is talking to Gomer in front of the fillin station, Gomer was sitting there by one of the pumps. The awning over the fillin station porch has a cover on it, but a minute later when Mister Tucker goes inside and steals the truck the awnings roof is missing. Its just a wooden frame with no roof on it. 

Does this almost imply TAGS was a work under construction? 

This is on tonight on MeTV, Man in a Hurry. 8:00 EDT

Either that or Goober stole the awning canvas to make a sail for his row boat.  Or maybe thats what Opey made a boy scout tent out of, or maybe they used it to cover the girl pisoners cell for privacy when she was changing clothes. 

Man in a Hurry on tonight, MeTV, 8:00 EDT

Keep trying to post this reply. Man in a Hurry is on tonight, MeTV, 8:00 EDT

I watched 'The Christmas Story' yesterday, my favorite episode.  Have you ever noticed that Ben Weaver hauls Sam Muggins into the jailhouse and forces Andy to arrest him for making homemade brew, and that Ben admits he sells spirits in his store--in a dry county??  In quite a few episodes, Andy and Barney are hot on the trail of moonshiners.  The Fun Girls mention a cafe by the county line that makes booze available, as though they sneak it in.  Yes sir, they're both guilty as all get-out!  Lock 'em BOTH up!

But they all fall off the wagon in Season 6 when beer and wine are imbibed in from time to time. Maybe it was that smart guy Frank, episode 2 of Season 6, with his fancy French wine phwee phwee, that led them all astray.




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