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OK...Let's find the stuff that may not be so obvious, and the ones that make you think, "Hey, I never noticed that before." and post them for all to now be able to notice.

Post the Episode and the thing you noticed.  See my first post as an example.

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Still cheaper than Raleigh- $7.

Who's Jerry Miller ???

Jerry Miller may be Robey Miller's boy!! He looks just like Robey!! (I might have spelled her name wrong)

Anyway, I've always liked Jerry Van Dyke in those episodes. I think he would have made a good replacement for Barney.

There we go. Thanks, Rube.

Van Dyke was offered the deputy role but opted instead to take a starring role in a show most critics regard as the worst television program ever produced- 'My Mother the Car.' Hope he got a new agent.

I haven't seen a post on this one yet, but someone must have noticed that Bobby Fleet and His Band With the Beat became Freddy Fleet's band when they helped the Mayberry band get their trip to Raleigh.  Yes?

The Raleigh station that broadcasts 'Col. Tim's Talent Time' has the call letters WASG. Andrew Samuel Griffith.

Well, it aint hardly worth mentioning but I think I’ll go ahead and mention it.  I was watching Farmer Takes a Wife with big Jeff Pruit and when they went to the lady’s gathering at Thelma Lou’s house I saw something that was a little bit outta wack.  At one point Thelma Lou said hi to Jeff and then she walked out of the living room and out to the kitchen to get some coffee. Then   ,they zoom in on Jeff Barney and Andy standing there and then Jeff points to the girl he is choosing as a possible bride-to-be and we all know how that turned out but he points at Thelma Lou and she’s right smack back in the living room again after having just one second before walked out to the kitchen. Just a continuity mistake.  Nothing to kick up a fuss about but I thought I’d just mention it anyway.   That’s one of my all time favorite episodes.  Jeff even has very own music on the show that was never used for anything else.  Too bad he only had one appearance 

Amazing attention to detail. I never catch stuff like that. You’re right, this is a great episode. “Honey pie! Somebody got into your food and tore it into little teeny pieces!”

Have you ever noticed: the palm tree in the background in "Lawman Barney".  When Barney finally runs the two produce peddlers off, as they drive away in the distance is what looks like a palm tree.  Palm trees may grow in NC. 

Also when Gomer drives Thelmer Lou to Mt. Pilot, you can see a large cluster of palm trees along the road. I think they may have used stock footage for that shot.

When Ellie comes to town and they start filming in Walker's Drug Store, the big sign overhead is misspelled, Enlargments". (The "e" is missing after the "g".) They eventually corrected it after another episode or two.



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