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Hello iMayberry Community - I have a question I need you to answer.

Hey Mayberry fan,

My name is Allan Newsome and I'm the "owner/maintainer/etc" of the iMayberry Community.   Over the years since this site started, the actual host ( a service called "Ning") has upgraded their services from version 2.0 (which we use here at iMayberry Community) to their latest version which is Ning 3.0.

They have been pushing communities like ours to move to Version 3.0 in order to receive an updated version of the site that will work better because it is updated and modern.  The iMayberry Community site was created in December 2011 and a LOT has changed on the internet in the almost 8 years since.  Use of "mobile" devices (phones) is now a major part of using sites like this one and honestly it doesn't work well on a phone/tablet.

There are several things that moving to Ning 3.0 *should* give us BUT the problem is the price per year basically doubles going from ~$280 per/year to ~$600 per/year. 

I hate to do this but if you enjoy the iMayberry Community and want it to survive and continue to grow, I'm going to need help paying for the cost.   I really can't afford to do this without the help of the community.  

There are currently 1130 members of the iMayberry Community but only 130 have logged in 2019 and 232 if I go back to 2018.  I need everyone, active and non-active alike, to agree to help pay for the cost of the community.  

I need to hear from you all.   Do you want to keep this site going or should we give up and close the doors? 

I'm broadcasting this to you and I'll create a "Forum" entry with this same topic.  I'd love to hear from you with your thoughts and, if you want to keep things going, a pledge of financial support.

Let's hear your thoughts because we're all in this manhunt together.


Allan "Floyd" Newsome

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$5.00 per year is a bargain!

I literally just found this forum less than a week ago, but would definitely contribute. Let me know how. In the meantime, someone to talk to me on the B&W vs. Color thread. I know people other thoughts on the issue. 

$5 a year is more then fair to nip this in the bud.  I'm in!  Let us know if you're officially going another year.  

I *do* plan to keep the site up and running. 

Several people have already pledged support or have already donated toward the cause using the donate button on the front page of the iMayberry Community site.  I don't want to limit what folks are willing/able to give but if every "active" user gave $5 or more I think we'll meet the goal easily.  If there's extra, I'll apply it toward future years.

I have options if we can't get enough but it will mean deleting everyone that hasn't visited the site fairly recently.  If I do that, the software says it will delete all content created by that user.  I hate to do that because the content they provided may well still be interesting to us all.

Anyway, I don't plan on letting the site die but just a $5 or so each donated to the cause should help.   Realize that for every donation, there is a fee (i.e. $5 ends up being $4.55, $10 after fees is $9.41).  The fee isn't too much and it's fair for PayPal to charge but I wanted folks to know that some of what you donate does go to credit card fees.

Thanks to all who've already donated!   And thanks to those who find enough value in the iMayberry Community to want to contribute to keep it going and growing.

done!  i knew the town would come through!  

I'm in! I'll donate $10 and if more is needed, please let me know. May you keep us upated on the total received, not pledges but actual money received?

I'll do it....folks have already donated right at $200 and it's only been about 12 hours and that was over night.

That is awesome!!!!  Please let us know if you need more!

Being as I'm a hobo, money is mighty scarce for me, luckily I ran across some fried chicken and apple pie that I was able to sell along with some gumballs so I just sent $10.  Now I have to go catch a train.  

I’m in iMayberry Community. I just donated. Who’s next to help out? -Col. Harvey

I’m in.... Jimbo

Well, I just now donated and it was more than 3 cents.  It was ten American silver cartwheels. 



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