How much did this and that and one thing and another cost in the 1960's?

How much did stuff cost in the 1960's? Stuff is a lot more expensive now why can't stuff be the cost it was in the 60's?


There are signs in Floyd's Barbershop a haircut costs about $2 and now like for a cheap one 10 dollars and then all the way up to 20 dollars maybe.

And in "Andy and Barney in the Big City" Andy thinks its and outrage that a hotel  room costs $7! Now like in the $80 to the hundreds!

Bert Miller sells stuff for like 50 cents which would now cost 5 to 10 dollars!

Stuff's less expensive at the filling station.

Fines at the courthouse cost you know 5 dollars or 2 dollars or 10 dollars and people refuse to pay that much.

There's tons of proof maybe Weavers stuff was really expensive back then to them, but now nothing.

It's just weird.

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I know back then, you could get gas at Wally's for thirty cents a ding. Nowadays in my area, gas goes on the average for three hundred and eighty cents a ding.

I guess we have to take into account what wages are now as compared to what they were back then.  I remember my Dad was working for about 100-120 dollars a week back in the 1950s and we would go to the store on Friday night and get 4 or 5 bags(much bigger bags than todays) of groceries for 20 dollars.  A loaf of bread was 25 cents.  The same loaf today is what?  Maybe 2.50 or 3.00.  Where I live would be comparable to Mayberry's prices.  I do remember haircuts in the late 1950s being 75 cents or 1 dollar.  Ah, bring back the Mayberry days !

I agree with you Don, well Ive got to go eat dinner so that's all I'm gonna say Don.

I remember candy bars (regular size) being a dime, pack of Juicy Fruit being five cents, bottled pop from a machine at the local pharmacy - 15 cents, and pay phone calls (local calls) - 10 cents!

Wages weren't as high back then either.  When Andy was thinking about selling his house, I think a value was stated at about $3000, and he probably had a 20 year mortgage on it.  You couldn't rent an apartment in our area for that much annually.

I think you’re mis-remembering the $3000 house value. Barney told Andy he could sell the Taylor house for $24,000 so Andy could buy the Williams’ house for $27,500, leaving a $3500 mortgage. I remember that my parents bought our second house in 1957 for $27,000. Granted, it was a new tract house which may have made the price higher than an older house. And it was in a Chicago suburb, albeit a very small and semi-rural one at the time, which may have had higher housing prices than in Mayberry. But the prices stated in the show seem to be in line with those of the late ‘50s-early ‘60s.

I'm gonna have to dig out my dvd of that episode because I was remembering it the original posters way, too.  The price wouldn't be too far off.  When my parents bought their house in 1968, I believe they paid $8,000 for it.

Actually, you don't have to dig out your DVD. Just view it on YouTube the way I did, to verify my information before I posted it.

Is that supposed to be expensive or cheap?

I know our house payment in the early 1960's was $42.50 a month..  Of course, we had a little bitty house.  But it was about average for newly-weds.  Unfortunately, I only made $43.50 a week and my husband, when he wasn't laid off, made about $90.  He worked at DuPont then and they laid the new guys off pretty regularly!



House values vary by geography.  1st three rules of Real Estate acquision is location, location, location.  Years ago when they sold my wife's grandfathers home place on 25 acres in Arkansas, it sold for $15,000.00.  It was back in the hills, 30 minutes from the nearest grocery store, gas station and doctoring offices.  had that same home been in north Eastern Illinois or near St. Louis it would easily have brought closer to $200,000.00.  

A former co-worker of mine had purchased a home in the 1960's.  He was making his final payment in the 1990's.  He told me that his mortgage for the foregoing decades was $179.00/month.  He said when he took out the mortgage, he was scared to death because he could barely make the payments.  His property taxes, at the time of his final mortgage payment, were more than his mortgage. 

I've resigned myself to never being without a mortgage payment.  When the bank is paid off, it will all go to the county.

Remember when Barney was on vacation in Raleigh and wrote to Andy- "...been here 3 days and already went through $10."




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