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...the Fun Girls episode with Gomer and Goober. 

This one really has it all. It starts with  Andy and Barney  sorting out some clutter and Barn talks about learning to sew and crochet from watching his mother.  Next Thelma Lou and Helen come by on their way to the Cary Grant movie, just as sweet and pleasant as can be (Helen isn't mad!), then Gomer and Goober doing his Cary Grant imitation. Soon after they leave, it's Daphne and Skippy as hilarious and maddening as ever.

All that in the first few minutes.  From then on it's truly classic "situation" comedy, with the guys being spotted taking the fun girls home, the angry girlfriends the next morning, the fun girls showing up at Andy's house and scandalizing Aunt Bee. The scene at the dance has the whole episode cast plus Mr. Shwump.  The dance  ends with Barney's heart warming, and loud, declaration of love.

This one just popped up at 6AM on the Sundance channel and it was like seeing it for the first time so I really appreciated it.  How could anyone doubt that TAGs was the best show ever?

What have you just watched?

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Yeah, that Fun Girls episode is great!  I love Goober's impersonations! Also I love when the Fun Girls stop by to meet the whole Taylor family.

I just watched "Wedding Bells For Aunt Bee".  I love that line by Fred Goss "No, sir! Gravy is no joke!" Also, I love how he always stresses neatness, as he spews cigarette ashes all over everything. "Always pays to look your best!" This is just a goofy, quirky episode. 

I love that one for the little talk Aunt Bee, Opie and Andy have on the porch. "The rule is, no marrying off, unless it's of an absolutely overwhelming nature." 

Aunt Bee cries with relief that she doesn't have to marry Fred -- as we all would.

Ole Fred must not be so bad--Clara snapped him up in a heartbeat!!  :)

It's that discount on dry cleaning.  That's a perk you can't just walk away from without some serious though.

I just watched “The Church Organ” from Season 6. Funny to see cast members from the B/W episodes re-cast in the color seasons.  This one features Mr. Hendricks, the Butter and Egg man” as the owner of the organ. 

I am coming to realize that Clara had a lot of power in this show. Whatever she suggested to Bee was taken very seriously. And she got her church organ, as opposed to the pool table. And ultimately Clara ended up with the visiting professor. And that grief she gave to Aunt Bee about the wig - that was just to set the stage for her swooping in wearing her own wig to join up with the visiting pastor!

Not to mention Clara got Barney and Andy to eat dozens of jars of kerosene pickles.

Very powerful, indeed!

She also became Opie’s rock group’s groovy manager and treasurer.  You go, Clara!




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