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I'm reading a documentary originally written in the 80's on TAGS.  There is a chapter about inconsistencies in the show.  I've noticed a few over the years but the book pointed out a lot more.  The hotel(s) in Mayberry being one of them.  I think according to the book there were actually four during the show's running.  It lists all the names.  It made the list because in one episode (Andy on Trial) Barney tells that college kid that there is only one hotel in town and later there are four different ones mentioned in future episodes.

Some of the other inconsistencies were the license plate numbers of the cars would often be seen on different cars driven by other people.  Also, the T-bird driven by Malcolm Tucker in Man In A Hurry is the same car that was driven by Peggy as well as the Woman Speeder.  Another pointed out that the Taylors would drive to church even though it was across the street from their home.

I was wondering what others might have noticed.

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I think you're right.  Mr. Tucker was driving a Lincoln.  I was just quoting the book I'm reading.  I think there are some incontinuities in the book!  I know there weren't many models that had suicide doors. Oh well, I can't fault them for reusing cars.

I know what you mean about the windows.  And what about the gas heater and that door?  They just mysteriously appear.  I read somewhere that the door was installed to facilitate the entry and exit of the cast and crew onto the set.  I guess watching the episodes for the first time, you wouldn't notice the subtle changes in the scrip and the set.  But when you watch them over and over and they start standing out.

I was watching "Floyd The Gay Deciever" last evening and I'm not sure but I think the woman that comes to meet Floyd was driving a white Lincoln with suicide doors.  It looks a lot like Mr. Tucker's car.  Check it out the next time you see it.  If it is she might need spark plugs and the fuel line blown out.

I stand corrected Dud...Barney did say the squad car needed a phone, not a radio.

BTW...Clara was definitely a widow. She mentioned how much her late husband loved her pickles in "The Pickle Story".

Clara had a son.  I can't remember his name but it sounded kinda "un-Mayberry-like".  So, hopefully, she had been married--unless she had a wild youth resulting in a love child.  Who knows?  Clara was a fiery woman!

Clara's son was named Gale.  I think it was mentioned in the episode with the Butter and Egg Man.

I think her son's name was Gale. And I think it was the episode where she is trying to talk Bee into finding a beau so Andy and Helen could get married.  It seems like that's when his name comes up but I might be getting my episodes mixed up.  I also thought it was an unusual name for the time. 

You nailed it, Dud.

One that really stands out is when Aunt Bee sells all the prizes she won on TV, except for the garbage disposal. Then later in season 7, she buys one with the insurance proceeds from the "lost" pin, saying, "I so hated having to sell the one I won on TV."

You're right.  That's a great one Keevy.

I was always a bit bothered by the fact that Juanita works at the diner in some episodes and at the Junction Cafe in another (Andy Forecloses).  Then I thought that maybe Ralph fired her because she's always talking to Barn instead of hustlin' coffee.

Here is another one... the bank safe was supposedly inaccessible because they lost the combination 15 years earlier so they cut in a door in in one episode and in another Barney gets locked in and has to bust through the wall of the beauty shop to get out.

Back to the "Clara's last name" thing.  While she may have remarried at some point she must have been single for a good part of the time.  Remember--she was apparently quite agreeable to Mr. Goss's advances when he found out Bee was starting to wear garments with too many buttons, pleats, etc.

AND, she was batting her eyelashes and singing "Some Enchanted Evening" at the owner of the organ when the church was trying to buy it.  Best I remember she managed to get a cute-rate deal through her efforts!

I'm wondering, too, if Juanita could have been "moonlighting" (no pun intended).  Maybe she was working at the diner during the day and at the Junction Cafe (where all the truckers go) at night.  You know, Barney has to do a lot of trouble-checks out there...

Well, if you ask me for a Clara theory... I think she was the town harlot... finding any opportunity she could to use her womanly wiles to gain favors from the local men.  Just think... she scored a discount on dry cleaning from Mr. Goss after he dumped Bee (because of her rhinestoned, pleated, tapestry laden dress). She talked Old Man Weaver into selling her Bee's fur coat on time and I'm sure at a huge discount. She snuggled up to the farmer with the organ to get him to drop the price. And you can't tell me her pickles are really good enough to take the blue ribbon 12 years running without warming up to the judges.  Now, it may not stand up in Mayor's court but I think she got around more than both of the fun girls combined.



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