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I'm reading a documentary originally written in the 80's on TAGS.  There is a chapter about inconsistencies in the show.  I've noticed a few over the years but the book pointed out a lot more.  The hotel(s) in Mayberry being one of them.  I think according to the book there were actually four during the show's running.  It lists all the names.  It made the list because in one episode (Andy on Trial) Barney tells that college kid that there is only one hotel in town and later there are four different ones mentioned in future episodes.

Some of the other inconsistencies were the license plate numbers of the cars would often be seen on different cars driven by other people.  Also, the T-bird driven by Malcolm Tucker in Man In A Hurry is the same car that was driven by Peggy as well as the Woman Speeder.  Another pointed out that the Taylors would drive to church even though it was across the street from their home.

I was wondering what others might have noticed.

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I used to be bothered by the problem with Clara's last name--Johnson or Edwards.  But then I meditated on the small-town habit of referring to women by their maiden names sometimes, even though they've been married for fifty years or so!

That's one explanation.  Another might be that Clara had a short-lived second marriage, thus causing the difference in her last name.  I'm sure there's a logical explanation.  Everything's ALL RIGHT in Mayberry!

Yea, and in the first couple of episodes her name is Bertha.

Gosh, I didn't know Clara was a widow!   I got the impression that she was a spinster!

I thought she was an ex Vegas Showgirl who had to change her identity and move to Mayberry due to her Mob ties.  (just a theory)

Andy and Barney being the Class of 45 but Andy said in one episode that he saw service in France during the war and also Barney having been in the war as well.  I believe the episode for Andy was A Feud is a Feud.  I believe that was the correct title.  On Barney, it was the episode where he thought Andy was in trouble and got his posse together to rescue Andy.  Andy was helping deliver a baby and was not being held hostage.  When it was straightened out, Andy had Barney tell the farmer about his days in the service during the war.

You're right.  If they were in the war they would have had to graduate before '42.  Also, according to the book anyway, they claim to be graduates of the class of '45 in one reunion episode but in the other episode there is a banner that says 'Class of '48'.  There are several time related discrepencies.  I guess they didn't pay much attention to script continuity back in the day.

That was my episode, "Quiet Sam"....Andy had Barney start sharing the old war stories with me so I wouldn't worry about little Andy being born. 'course Barney didn't see any action.

Quiet Sam

Quiet Sam was the episode that discusses Barney's war time experiences.

Yea, he and another fellow was put in charge of 3,000 books at the PX Library... but it's hard to get him to talk about it.

In "The Club Men" Barney complains about needing a radio in the squad car, but in the next scene, where he pulls the squad car up in front of the courthouse, there is a big ol' whip style radio antenna clearly visible on the left rear fender of the car.

Not to mention Andy had to scold one of Uncle Ollie and Aunt Nora's brats for playing with the radio, but that was quite awhile after the Clubmen episode, so maybe they had upgraded by then.

Check me out to be sure but I think Barn was complaining that there wasn't a phone in the squad car in that episode.  That stood out to me because I wasn't sure that car phones existed then.  In one of the color episodes when Mr. Foster comes to town, I think he has a car phone but he was pretty well off and that was several years later.


Mr. Tucker was driving a Lincoln Continental with suicide doors. Peggy's T-bird and the woman speeder's T-bird did look identical. Wasn't Ronald Bailey driving a similar T-bird?

I won't mention the phantom windows in the courthouse during Season 1.



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