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There were quite a few illnesses and injuries amongst the residents of Mayberry.  Some were chronic; others gone in a day or two.  Let's list some of those illnesses/injuries.  And, if you happen to know the remedy, throw that in here too!

In "Irresistible Andy," Ellie vows to go the picnic with the next man who walks through the drugstore door.  That turns out to be Deputy Barney Fife.  He's just coming into the drugstore to, "get some foot powder."  Thus we know that Barney has a problem with his feet.  Athlete's Foot hanging on from high school?  Remember, his short-lived newspaper column concerned "All the News from (something) and Pool."  Those locker room floors breed all kinds of pesky germs and funguses.

Barney suffers from a foot problem.  "Foot powder" seems to be the remedy.

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I always laugh at the time Barney went to the new doctor in town to see if he was interested in Ellie. The doctor gave him an check up, including taking his blood pressure. After it was done the doctor remarked that he'd never been able to wrap the cuff around anyone's arm that many times. Skinny arms, they're not fatal.

Besides the herpes, poor Lydia C. also got car sick quite easily. (And, of course, hung her head out the car window like a dog.)

Evidently Gomer gets it too. "Opie, you trade places with Gomer. I want him near a window."

Mrs. McGruder once had "fungus of the knee" - according to her cousin, that is.

I think Mayberry was Ground Zero for "the versitis". Seems like every-other Mayberrian had a case of it!

Don't forget the two sisters with "sleeping feet"  I wonder what causes that?  


"I can't believe this is happening to me! A public utility being tied up like this!

You people are living in another world! This is the 20th century - don't you realize that?

The whole world is living in a desperate space age. Men are orbiting the Earth. International television has been developed.

And here...a whole town is standing still because two old women's feet fall asleep!"

(That dude seriously needed a drink!)

Howard Sprague had a throat infection in "The Barbershop Quartet". He tried some throat spray and a myriad of other concoctions, but it still took about a week to get his voice back. And then he had that problem with his thumb...

Barney is allergic to horse hair if you must know. You know when all the kids got their picture taken on a horse? Not him. He got his sitting on the hood of my uncle's Terra Plane.

The whole town stood still when Opie Taylor had trouble with his tonsils.

That was the turning point for Mayberry! The new doctor stays on, Clara finally gets her neuralgia treated, and Floyd gets his sinuses cleared out. And the Walnut Hills Country Club golf course gets a new member. 

Johnny Paul Jason gets the lergics from pollen stirred up by the bees.

And, at the same time, Aunt Bee suffers from PseudoBulbar Affect (uncontrollable crying). 




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