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I was a fan of TAGS it's first time around before re-runs, TVLand, and DVDs.  I always watched the show for pure entertainment and not to analysis.  Thanks to this forum, I've started "wondering" while I watch.  In the "Barney's sidecar" ep.  Barney can't set up a "checkpoint chicky" and stop the speeding out on the HWY because they only have "one car".  So, Barney goes to the Army Surplus Auction in Mt. Pilot.  I just wonder:  How did he get there?  Then how did he return with the motorcycle and the vehicle he went in?  Finally, if he had transportation to go to Mt. Pilot, could he not have use it to set up a "checkpoint chicky"? 

What things make you wonder? 

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He took the bus.

Hmm, good question

Maybe Charlie Phelps gave him a ride out there, then he drove the motor sickle back and Barney drove his car back and Charlie went and did the sign work with the Sheriffs emblem.  

Gomer was usually good for a ride in the truck.
Otis bought a car, so Otis gave him a lift.

He went with Goober, just like he did when he picked up the Count Istvan Teleky starter kit!

I'm not sure if you meant this thread to be just about your first question, or if it could be a general thread for anything we were "just wondering about."  I'm going for the latter, but if I'm wrong, just ignore.

My question that I'm "just wondering" about is this:  Why did the manicurist set up shop in the barber shop instead of the beauty parlor?  Was that addressed in the episode? 

The barber shop was right there when she got off the bus.  Since she knew it was a "friendly town," she likely assumed that all those friendly Mayberrians would patronize her business--wherever it was.  Too bad the jealous women objected.  Several of those guys would have been steady customers--probably every couple of days!

Mason,  I meant for everyone to post the things that make them "wonder"  So, everyone post the things that make you wonder. 

As for why the manicurist set up shop in the barber shop?  "Dirty ole Men!!!!"  good business 

I wonder why Barney could sing sweet harmony with Andy on hymns while they worked in the office/jail yet was such a bad singer with the choir that they tried to hide from him.  Makes you wonda, doesn't it?

Thel, I've often wonder the same thing.  Maybe it was just the selection!  "Good ole 14A" may have just been over Barney's head.  Kinda like the light classics.

How did the "Fun Girls" get to Mayberry then need Barney and Andy to take them home after inventory. 

How did Parnell Rigsby drop that purse with fifty dollars in it since it was off the road a good bit when Opie found it and if Parnell was in has pickup truck and driving well, he must have left it sitting on the fender and then drove off with it like that and then it fell off eventually. Either that or Parnell was walking back from fishing and dropped it since he did seem to be a fisherman cuz he was looking over Opie's new fishin rod real close there in the court house. But anyway I'm glad they got their money back afterall.




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