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I was a fan of TAGS it's first time around before re-runs, TVLand, and DVDs.  I always watched the show for pure entertainment and not to analysis.  Thanks to this forum, I've started "wondering" while I watch.  In the "Barney's sidecar" ep.  Barney can't set up a "checkpoint chicky" and stop the speeding out on the HWY because they only have "one car".  So, Barney goes to the Army Surplus Auction in Mt. Pilot.  I just wonder:  How did he get there?  Then how did he return with the motorcycle and the vehicle he went in?  Finally, if he had transportation to go to Mt. Pilot, could he not have use it to set up a "checkpoint chicky"? 

What things make you wonder? 

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I've often wondered whether Eleanora Poultice and Big Maude (Barney:  "You're gettin' to me!") are related.  While they represent opposite ends of the spectrum of behavior their "favoring" each other is downright uncanny.  If they ARE long-lost sisters, I'm sure Eleanora would want to keep that secret.  She's such a lady. 

Wow Franklin Dickerson, that's a good one. I may have to put a bucket on my head and take a think on that one when I watch that one next time. Good one!
I've often wondered how A and B could go together up to the Darling place, with the squad car, and stay overnight. Who was minding the store?

Gomer?  Goober?  or Gomer AND Goober?  However, that idea is pretty scary.  You know how Gomer tends to stick the gun barrel in his mouth and Goober WILL bring a car into the office.  On second thought, maybe Andy just got Aunt Bee to answer the phone and hoped for the best:)

I was wondering the same thing. Like in The episode Barney's First Car. He saves $300 for a reasonably priced car his first. But how did he get to work that morning.

Now that you mention it--how far did Barney live from the courthouse?  Mrs. Mendlebright can tell us....

I've "wondered" about the single women of Mayberry.  To be single, don't they seem to live well.  All had houses with nice furnishing.  Think of Thel's, Lydlia's and Nurse Mary's houses. 

I wonder why Andy and Uncle Ollie had to stay in the same bed, with Bea and Aunt Nora in another...then Opie and the boys in yet another. Why didn't Ollie and Nora stay in that bed that Gomer stayed in that time he was the "Houseguest"?

 I was wondering: When Mrs. Mendelbright  planned to run off and marry her new boarder, what would she do with her house?Did she mention selling it? Her savings amounted to $3,600. If she sold her house, she would have more than that.

It seems to be a skipped detail. Or maybe I wasn't paying attention.

I've wondered that to Jane. They were going to just leave on the bus, what about all her possessions, her mothers deck/hutch all the way from Ft. Lauderdale, was all that going to just sit there?

Well now sometimes a woman in love doesn't always stop to think  through every last little detail!  Particularly when she's had a few glasses of sweet cider turned hard. It was all I could mange just to get that valoose packed in time.  

Reminds me of the time you got the white Bible at church, Mrs. Mendlebright!



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