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The visual clues are working well, but how about trying it with verbal clues?

First one....49/1

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Was that in Quiet Sam?

Sha-zam,  You are good.  That is it.   We know Andy learned some French while over there during the war, he attended his 1945 class reunion, and flunked biology in 1938.  How old was Andy???  In the world I grew up in, one was not exposed to biology class until high school (9th-12th grades)  That puts Andy in high school for 6years.  Maybe the War interrupted his high school education as it did for many young boys at that time, my Dad for one.    

Yeah, so if Andy was in France during the war he could only have been there from the summer of 44 to about May of 45 (because that's when VE day was) so that does throw a wrench into things when it comes to him graduating high school.  Gonna have to study on that one for a while.   

The way I see it is, The key question is: “How did Andy learn French in France during the war yet graduate from Mayberry Union High in 1945and yet flunk his 1938 biology class?”
In order to answer that question, we have to do some “if’ing”. “IF”Andy was in Europe during the war it had to have been between December 1941 and May 1945. “IF” Andy graduated high school in 1945 then he had to be in Europe sometime prior to May 1945. “IF” Mayberry Union High only offered biology class to students in the high school years (9th grade-12th grade) “IF” Andy flunked the biology class ending May1938, then that school year had to be no earlier than his 10th grade year. “If” it had been his 9th grade year (don’t interrupt my “If’ing”) then Andy would have graduated high school in May 1941 prior to the US entering the war. “If” the biology class Andy flunked was the 1938-39 school year and Andy was a 9th grader, then Andy would have been a 11th grader in December 1941 when the US entered the war.
“If” that being the situation, Andy could have entered the military January 1942, lacking 1 ½ years of high school, and shipped out to Europe. In order to graduate high school in May 1945, Andy would have had to been discharged sometime in late 1943 in order to get back in high school by January 1944 to complete his 11th grade then move to the 12th grade fall of ’44 then graduate ’45.
At least that is way me and Upchurch see it.

Sorry about this. Its just some-more 'IFFin'
No harm or fowl intended towards my beloved TAGS. But here goes:
So, if Andy was 'over there during the war' -like he said while in the drug store smelling some perfume in 1960, and looking to be in his 30s,then that would mean that he went in with the Normandy Invasion in June of 1944 at the age of maybe 18. Even though the US was at war since Dec 1941 after Pearl Harbor, and we had troops scattered around the world, we had no troops in France until June of 44. Maybe he had some down-time during all the fighting and was able to sniff some perfume and learn to count in French.

As for him flunking biology in 1938, I think that would put him in maybe sixth grade for that.Curious, curious, curious indeed. 

And maybe there was a break in his high schoolin, and 1945 was the class he knew the closest so he considered 45 to be his class that he 'shoulda' graduated with. Whew, my 'Thinkin-bucket' is gonna start smoking from all this.
I think I'll give up, and just move on.

New one:

”Now is the time...”

Cave rescue.

Good work Bobby Fleet! I was prepared to add a few more words as needed. But no need! 

How about a tough one  -  George Ritchie

Here's a clue.  You don't actually see him on the show because he's dead.

He was a Beloved Husband.

Opie's Charity?




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