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For those of you in the Middle Tennessee area or within driving distance; Rodney Dillard, Maggie Peterson, and David Browning will once again bring their Mayberry Christmas show to Mt Juliet, TN.

The event is December 19th @ 6 o'clock @ Victory Baptist Church. David Browning will be mingling with the audience prior to the beginning of the show. Questions can be asked at either 615-773-5200 or 615-754-7035.

For more information you can go to

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We're looking forward to the show, Larry.  Enjoyed it so much the last time.  Our daughter "freaked" over "Barney".

David can have that affect on people.  I don't know if you are aware, but not only was he personally endorsed by Don Knotts to be The Mayberry Deputy, David opened for Don at his shows for 11 years.  Tell your daughter to brace herself this time!  Tell her to fight it!

No, I didn't know that David had all that personal experience with "Barney".  No wonder he's so good--he learned from The Master.  I'll pass on your message to our daughter (Melinda) but doubt if it will do any good.  She may TRY to fight it but she does have a compelsion for Barn!

It sounds like Ole Barn has her right in his hip pocket!

That's it, exactly! 

Thelscuz, I saw where you got you all's tickets to the show. I look forward to seeing you and Donnie and enjoying a good show.

We'll be there with bells on--albeit not early as Donnie has to work.  I'm hoping our daughter, Melinda, can come on early.  She's got some questions for Barney:) 

He gets off at 5, huh?  You should make it in time for the show, but Barney will available after the show as well.  He has a new book he will make available at the show entitled "We Have Extra Security Tonight."

Thanks for the info about the "after-party".:)  Love the sound of that new book.  Sounds so typically "Barney".  See you there....

A great show with these awesome folks. If you are in the area, DONT MISS IT!
Thanks Colonel Harv!

A report on the show.......

It was GREAT!!  Rodney & Beverly Dillard, Maggie Peterson, David Browning, and the Dillard Band were amazing.  Wonderful Christmas music with smiles and laughs for all. 

The Mayberry Deputy's performance was wonderful! He had me laughing out loud and my wife, Jan, was laughing so hard she was crying.  

Not only was the show great but I got to meet folks from right here in the iMayberryCommunity *in person*.....some for the very first time!  

Thank you to Larry for being part of bringing the show to the area.  Great to meet you Thelscuz!  Judy and several other Mayberry was great seeing you again or meeting you for the first time.

Mayberry is a lot like Christmas....good friends...fellowship...and love all while remembering our Lord in the process.





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