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I doubt there is even one traffic light in town, but how many drugstores? Name them all.

I count three., two more instead of Walker's. How many is anyone else aware of?

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Of course I meant "...besides Walker's." My dang medicine is still kicking in.

There is Mrs. Mason’s drugstore (where the boys in the lab work).

Crawfords Drugstore where Opie broke the perfume bottle.

That's three. Excellent, gentlemen. How about a fourth? One when/where Peggy was standing waiting in vain for Andy to pick her up. I never caught the store name. Four's already too many for a town that only has one mortuary (and TV repair shop).

Then too, do we ever hear of Walker's after Ellie evaporated?

Extra Credit From Miss Crump , stand when you answer :

Who says, "Ifinin it ain't against regalations?"

That sounds like the unnamed, prisoner of love.  Who didn't get her matron even though in an early episode Andy said it was the law.

Right you are, Michael, the "You don't even look like a boy" prisoner. She sure didn't.

Don't forget Franklyn Pharmacy, conveniently located 10 ft from Walker's Drugstore.

That's the one, the fifth. Only one doctor or so and no hospitals (emergency rooms). Bless you, you are a prince, that's what you are. Even giving us a picture. 

Arncha Kind!

Oh wait, that's someone else's line.

Bernard Fox is in a M*A*S*H4077 episode playing quite a different sort of character than Malcolm Merriweather.




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