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Not sure if this has already been discussed, but I thought it would be fun to see how or if TAGS pops up in other tv shows, movies, etc. This can include references to characters (such as Barney Fife), places (Floyd's Barbershop), or even Mayberry itself. 

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In the Christian movie, “Finding Normal” the person detained in the small town says “I am stuck in Mayberry.” See the trailer at

It’s a great movie btw!

Yeah, I've seen that movie!

In "Ride Beyond Vengeance" a movie staring Chuck Connors and James MacArthur (among others), the town of "Cold Iron" is Mayberry.  One sees several of the town landmarks, building, houses, etc.  One scene where MacArthur drives in town, he drives past the row of houses.

If it works, here is a link.  

I know the old Adventures of Superman with George Reeves used Mayberry.

Also episodes of Batman and Star Trek were shot on the Forty Acres.

Too bad that lot did not get preserved. 

If I ever win the lottery I am going to rebuild Mayberry as a tourist attraction but I am going to paint everything there to look like black and white television.

How cool would that be?

That would be cooler than chicken dressed in a tuxedo!

Even cooler than the center seed of a cucumber.

Not sure if this one counts as it is an Andy Griffith movie.  I'm old, but the best I can remember, several outdoor scenes in the movie, "Angel in my Pocket" were shot in Mayberry.   

And yes, I bet Desi & Lucy are rolling over in their graves for not holding on to the "40 Acres" and opening it to all us TAGS fans for tours.  I would go there no matter the ticket cost.  

I don’t know what happened to Mayor Pike’s post about Malcolm Tucker and the “Road Hog” Hitchcock episode, but I watched it on YouTube.  Malcolm in a sense had car trouble again, and he certainly got his just deserts.  I thought it was interesting that two of the three people who tried to save the gored young man ended up being doctors on Dr. Kildare.

I removed it because it was not in the right thread. Should have been in the thread about Mayberryites showing up in different shows and movies. But that Malcom was a tricky one! I also liked the Alfred Hitchcock episode where he was an insurance fraud investigator that hounded a fraudster relentlessly for years till he finally uncovered the crime.




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