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Greetings -

I am brand new to this group however, I have been a lifelong fan of TAGS.

There has been little to no mention on TAGS of a Fire Department in Mayberry.  So, I  have decided to "create" the Mayberry Fire Company via a Facebook Group of the same name (not yet published)

In real life I own a 1967 Ford fire truck (photo attached) that I am in the initial process of having re-lettered for the fictitious Mayberry Fire Company.  I know there are dozens of Mayberry Patrol Cars in existence but I have only seen a handful of old fire trucks lettered up as a Mayberry rig.

My plan is to depict the Fire Company as being formed when Mayberry was created and to have fictitious accounts of its history up to 1967.  So basically everything about the Fire Company will take place in the year of 1967 and the past.

Just for fun I am asking for any suggestions or input you folks may have to help "organize" the Fire Company.  What I am looking for in particular are:

Founding Members:  (Jud, Mayor Pike, etc)

Active Members: ( I don' want to use Andy, Barney or Warren as members)

Ladies Auxiliary Members:  (Aunt Bee, Helen, etc)

Suggestions for the Fire Company door seal and uniform patch.  I was thinking of something similar to the basic emblem on the patrol car.

I want to make this a fun project and include fellow TAGS fans to make it seem like the Mayberry Fire Company could fit right into TAGS.

Thanks for any input, suggestions and support you can offer.

Randy Higgins


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Welcome to the forum Randy! I am honored to be one of the founders!

I am guessing this would be a volunteer fire department.

I remember where I grew up the big event each year was the Volunteer Fireman's Picnic, a fundraiser.

Thanks for the welcome.  I've been meaning to join for a number of years and finally made the jump!  The MFD most definitely would be a volunteer department. 

Here are some starting points for possible insignias:

Great idea, Randy.  I do think there was at least one reference to the fire department.  Seems like they were having a "boiled dinner" or a fish fry or something.  Will you be having either of those as an annual event?  If so, I'll bring a dish!

Yeah,  a boiled dinner down at the fire house.  And then there was Case of a punch in the Nose ep when Andy said the records they were going through would be kept in the firehouse basement.

That's a good lookin truck Randy!       They could have used it out at Jubil Fosters when his barn burned down. 

Good info!  Thanks!!!!!

Gomer's house once caught on fire...he showed the scar to Andy, Opie, and Aunt Bee while he was staying with them. Said he still has a "scar on the downside of his hand there."

Really?  That is a tidbit that I was never aware of.  I will definitely incorporate that into the VFD.  I'm still in the process of organizing the "history" of the department and selecting the apparatus from the past.  Thanks for the info.

I'm guessing the Fire Department was first organized sometime after Ramona's ancestors burned down the town and then opened a charcoal business.

1871 is the date I chose for the creation of the Mayberry Volunteer Fire Company since that is after the Town was burned down.  I am going to be using photos from my local area when our town burned down in the late 1800's to replicate Mayberry.

Didn't Gomer (or maybe Goober) say that when they had the house fire their dog moved next door?

I think Gomer said he was suppose to drive the fire truck if they got a call in one episode.




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