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Hello everyone,

I'd like to invite you all to check out and "like" my Facebook page. The purpose of this page is to inform (those interested) of my Mayberry character sightings in other classic sitcoms. My first post is about Reta Shaw, known to us TAGS fans as "Big Maude Tyler". Enjoy and feedback is always appreciated. 

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I can think of Allan Melvin, of course. The two historical society ladies who link Otis to a hero of the Revolution both played parents on TDVDS, I believe. Can you share a few?

Here's a few more I can recall that are on TDVDS:
The big shot publisher in;  Andy on Trial,
Dabs Greer, aka Mr Sims,
The Carnival Boss who fired Jerry the Banjo player,
Jerry Van Dyke himself too.
Andy's Rival, who knew everything, played a hypnotist on TDVDS.
Jamey Farr was a Snappy Lunch delivery boy and showed up
in their office.
The guy who tried to swindle Mrs. Mindlebright in
up in Barneys room.
Miss Peggy the nurse played a voluptuous ditsy woman who was on trial
when Rob Petry had jury duty.
And the girl who was organizing the class reunion who looks a little
like Thel, she played Pickles; Buddy Sorell's wife.

Awesome. Thanks!
Some others....Don Rickles, Denver Pyle, Bernard Fox and Amzie Strickland (Miss Rosemary, etc.)

I have been watching more of the Dick Vandyke show and it looks like darn near every off-the-side character from TAGS is showing up. Not only do I get to enjoy the antics of TDVDS, and the beauty of Marry T. Moore, but I have the added fun of hunting for TAGS people in there. Then,  I get to go back home to Mayberry and settle down again.   

I was watching the Season 8 episode where Opie has a rich friend. The friend's father was played by Sandy Kenyon, a recognizable character actor, who was also in five DVD's. Kenyon also played Goober's history teacher.
Howard Morris played art expert Haldecker in "The Masterpiece" (TDVDS)
Amzie Strickland was in that one, too.
I was watching season eight (Aunt Bee's Cousin) and there was a new Mayberry character....Ella, the newspaper society gal....none other than Millie Halper of TDVDS.




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