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Greetings my fellow Mayberrians!

I am pleased to announce that the Facebook page for the Mayberry Volunteer Fire Company is now open!

As a lifelong fan of The Andy Griffith Show and Mayberry RFD along with 40 years in the fire service I had the desire to create an abstract portrayal of the fire company that never was.

For many years I have wanted to own a replica Mayberry Squad Car but since I already owned a vintage 1967 fire truck I decided to turn it into the Mayberry Tribute Fire Truck. I had it lettered for the Mayberry Volunteer Fire Company and thus the fire company was created!

My vision for this project was to create a Fire Company that never physically existed during any episode of TAGS or RFD. My desire was to make the Fire Company a part of Mayberry as if the town existed separate from TAGS. But, at the same time, I wanted to make a correlation of the Fire Company to TAGS. I think I was able to do that.

The time frame for the Mayberry Volunteer Fire Company is from it's formation in 1870 until 1971, when RFD was cancelled.

At some point during 2019 I plan on publishing my book describing the history of the Mayberry Volunteer Fire Company. From the original organization in 1870, following the Great Fire of Mayberry, the history of the Fire Company is completely based on "clues" given during repeatedly watching episodes of TAGS. From 1960 the history of the Fire Company has direct tie-ins to episodes of TAGS. I believe folks will enjoy the manner in which I used names, places and events from the show to create that familiar "Mayberry feel."

I look forward to updating this page regularly and chatting with fellow TAGS and RFD fans.

If you have constructive feedback, suggestions, or questions please feel free to contact me.  Please keep in mind that the Facebook page is a work in progress which will be regularly updated.

I truly hope all of my fellow enthusiasts enjoy the Mayberry Volunteer Fire Company.


Randy Higgins

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I think one thing would be to post the map of Mayberry and the Mayberry county map. One thing would be to figure out the area of the town that was destroyed in 1870. I was thinking how would the history of the fire dept. be created. One thing I thought was art of the apparatus from 1870 up to the 1970s and maybe up to today. A list of the members of the fire dept. when formed and through the years including WWI and WWII when maybe the women in town had to become the firefighters. Would there be a career service that formed to help. Another idea would there be other volunteer fire companies that formed outside of town where it would take time for the town's station to get there. These are just some ideas of thought for Mayberry VFD.  

Hey Darrell!

Thanks for your reply and suggestions. Much appreciated.

I think once my book is published you will be surprised at how we both are thinking alike.

I like your ideas on the war years and I have actually included that aspect in the book.

I have been working on a map of the Town in great detail. It sounds like an easy task but when you take into consideration all of the different locations mentioned on the show it makes the task much more difficult.

If you think of anything else please feel free to share. Also, everyone that contributes ideas that get used in the book will receive credit.

Have a good evening!


I had another thought to add to the Mayberry FD. Did it have a junior firefighter group and what age they could be part of the group and allowed to fight fires with the adult firefighters. I have know of a junior firefighter group that allows ages 6 year old and up to 16 to learn but not to fight fires while 16 to 18 to fight fires, but laws today may only allow 18 year old to fight fires.  I have read and heard some histories of volunteer fire depts. having juniors that if things got serious, a fire truck or maybe even firefighter get  a school bus to respond to the  high school, and  students that were members would be request to leave and respond to a fire. If during the World Wars those that were not eligible for military service would serve during that time along with the ladies aux.



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