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Many character actors appear as multiple characters throughout the show.  The one who stands out the most to me is Allan Melvin.  Maybe someone could start by listing all of his characters. 

There are several other examples as well.  Let's see how many we can come up with. 

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Emmett Clark’s wife played the sales lady in “Opie Loves Helen” as well as other roles in the B/W episodes. She seemed to have the same personality, however.

Right, Mrs. Lukens appears in “Opie Loves Helen” and also in “The Bed Jacket.” The same actress is known as Mrs. Rosenbach in “Opie and The Spoiled Kid.” She may very well be in other episodes as well. 

“Just woosh and he was gone!”

Big Maud (Ralph Henderson)  was not only Barney's (Al) dance partner but also his voice teacher.  

That’s a great one. Eleanora Poultice! According to her Ole Barn was “a big bundle of sangin’ talent.”

Also one of Big Maud’s fellow escapees-  Naomi ( the convicted husband beater) was also Daphne the fun- girl.  

Bingo!!! And this is a tough one, because Daphne (“Hello doll!”) looks NOTHING like Naomi. 

There's a good list of this exact thing over on the web site.  


If we come up with more....we can edit the wiki page to add them to the list.

Wow, I didn’t know there were lists like this.  Thanks for sharing!  It sure makes answering questions easier.  No Josie Lloyd on the list, though.

Lets not forget Lydia,  she was several citizens in Mayberry.  Singer, non-bowler, beauty contestant, driver of a car with bad tires. 

Great one Shorty. The “Lydia Crosswaith” actress plays “Josephine Pike,” the Mayor’s daughter in at least 2 episodes - “Mayberry Goes Hollywood” (“Flow gently sweet afton”) and “The Beauty Contest” (“We don’t care which of our three daughters you pick!”). 

I must correct my own statement here - Mayor’s Pike daughter was Josephine in The Beauty Contest but was Juanita in Mayberry Goes Hollywood. 

Also missing is Ken Lynch, who appeared in four episodes, pretty much with the same crabby personality.  (Apparently, he was unable to acquire a map with the sticky buttons on it for the Mayberry sheriff’s department.)



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