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Every city has its “Municipal Codes” and Mayberry is no exception.  Over the years, we have been exposed to many.  I thought it would be beneficial to make a list of them, thus when Mayberry becomes our “hometown” we will not be ticketed.  I will start,

Municipal Code 113—Parking next to a hydrant.   Barney tells Andy they can't get Col. Harvey on a 113.  Andy replies, "What is a 113" Barney answers, "Parking next to a hydrant."

Your turn. 

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Barney ran a 42-J: Character Report on Oscar Fields.

And Gomer wanted even more, apparently.  He said something like, "There ought to be a number (law? code?) for that!

Barney required Otis and Gomer to swear to County Rule 426C when Luke Comstock was coming to town. 

Oh yeah, this was the guide for plain clothes operations. I think Gomer's pin-striping may have stepped over the line!

Maybe 426C was just the password to get into the Mayberry Knot Tying class.  It meets every Tuesday at Andy's house. 

Thus far, we have identified:

Municipal Code:

113---No parking next to a hydrant

249A, Paragraph V.--- Prohibits riding a bicycle on downtown streets

317---Occupancy of private property without permission

426C---Sets requirements to be a Mayberry Deputy. 

907---No pipping a hat in the horse trough

911---Prohibits Illegal U-Turns in Mayberry

912—Prohibits insulting an officer’s intelligence. 


City Ordinances

Green River Ordinance---Prohibits selling on the streets without a permit. 


Sheriff Office Forms

42-J---Character Report


785 turning in a false alarm

Municipal Code 404 B: "Being drunk and disorderly and public drunkeness"

Municipal Code 1012---Bank Holdup   "Asa, what is your procedures in case of a 1012". 

"Security check? . . .Window #2". 

oh! Glen Ford!

I think a 402 is a "catch all"




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