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Hi everyone! I am new to the iMayberry community, so I apologize if this topic has already been discussed before. If not, I thought it would be interesting to talk or post pictures from TAGS episodes about the "music in Mayberry": musicians/bands that were featured, songs that were sung, instruments that were played, etc.

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Different strokes for different folks.

Believe Me If All Thy Endearing Young Charms - sung by Raif Hollister

It just wasn't Barney's key though!

I'll bet Opie the rocker would have loved Green Day. As groovy as the potato chips, man.

Here's Aunt Bee, photobombing Opie!

Aunt Bee is down with their far out sound. Watch that kid next to Opie, Andy. He looks like he could be trouble a bit down the road. Keep off the grass trouble.

Yeah - Green Day is a great band...if you like listening to a singer who always sounds like he's got a nasty head cold!

I don't think Billie Joe sounds that bad, though I will admit Ian Gillan was a better singer.

I think "There is a Time" by the Dillards must have been a favorite of Andy and the others working on the show. It is featured on several episodes--a performance with the Darlings (with Charlene singing), one with Andy singing and whistling (when his kissing cousin is visiting) and it even appears as background music in a few other episodes (but you have to listen carefully). It is a great tune; as Andy says after the Darlings performance "Well, I believe that is the purdiest thing I ever heard." Can't help but agree. 

Yup!  Gives me chills every time I hear Charlene sing it.

The choir sang 'Santa Lucia'. That's how they discovered Gomer could sing.




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