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A common theme of many episodes is that a character's "eyes are opened". For example, in "Opie and the Spoiled Child", Arnold Winkler's father finally realizes that he has been spoiling Arnold rotten and then decides to sell Arnold's new bike and punish Arnold for his flaunting the law.

Let's start naming the other episodes!

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It seemed like Andy's eyes were opened on more than one occasion........usually when he was too hard on Opie or misjudged the little fella.  Several times he expressed his "faith in Opie" after he had doubted or blamed him.  Overall, Andy's eyes were usually clear and steady.  Just now and then he was in the dark.

Aunt Bee had more than her share of eye opening moments in the series.  I can think of several.  She was all the time getting the wool pulled over her eyes.  I would like to mention the time she roused the female population of Mayberry to stand up for Mr. Frisbee's property when he was being evicted by the county so that highway could join up. That is until she realized that his egg operation was a front for his moonshine still.  Then the ladies turned on him like bears backed into a beehive.

In "The Manhunt", Captain Barker of the state police came to realize that there what something to Andy's sheriffin' methods. He even said he'd arrange for a citation for Andy (or a map with those sticky buttons).

Andy got his eyes opened (and one closed) the first time he met Skippy and Daphne at the restaurant out on the county line when he and Peggy were fighting. "Why don't you go feed your hungry buzzard!"  

in  Bailey's Bad Boy, Bill Bixby's eyes are opened to learning to stand on your own two legs.

Opie's eyes were opened when he took that sling shot and killed that mother bird.  Barney went and showed him how to be an expert marksman with a sling shot. Bad move Barn!

Thelma Lou's eyes were opened when Gomer told her that Barney said he had her in his pocket. Then Barney's eyes were opened when Thelma Lou started going out with Gomer to get her revenge. A very eye opening day.

I think everyone has had their eyes opened at one time or another but I don't think anyone's eyes have gotten as much exercise as 'ol Barn's. Like when he tried to stop Mr. Meldrin from going to work on Saturday thinking he was a robber. Or how about that time he bought that clunker from Mrs. Lesh. Or when he bought that high powered motorcycle to catch them speeders out on Highway 5... oh and he went to the Miracle Salve Co. posing at Dr. Pendyke... Or how about the time.... Well, I could go on all night but I just don't have time.



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