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In two episodes there's an old Ford car, dull and unpolished, looks like a 1951. In a Malcolm Merriweather show, he rides up on his bike and the car is parked in Andy's driveway. In another, Barney is seen very briefly driving the car, parking it on the street, and meeting Andy and Aunt Bea on their porch. This is the one where Barney and Opie BOTH are dates for Ellie, on a "hunt for other game" and Andy ends up being an escort. I am not aware of any other time this car is used by anyone nor even mentioned.

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Gosh,  I've got my "thanking bucket" out and going to "take a thank under there" about this.  I think I recall Barney driving up in the car you are referring to and parking in front of the Taylor house in the "George TEX Foley" episode.  "Could you pick him out on a porch?"  Always wondered who's car it was.  In the episode where the TV Producers that are trying to rob the bank, left Andy's house after supper, when Barney leaves he makes the statement, "I've got to return Goober's car".  At least I think that is the episode.  

Yes, Shorty, at least one too many cars. In the 'sode where the quiet man's wife has a baby, Andy and Barney arrive at the man's house separately, implying there was more than just the patrol car. And whose car was featured in the women convicts show? Was it Floyd's? Barney was driving it.

Another car mystery.  When Barney leaves the courthouse during inventory to get Chili-cheese burgers and returns with the "fun girls" that he has agreed to take home to Mt. Pilot, it beckons the question, how did they get to Mayberry and what did they do with that spiffy convertible they drive in other episodes.  

Spiffy?  Excuse please, but I keep track of this word, and am almost amazed when someone young(er) uses it.

I was WRONG.  I just watched the "TV or Not TV" episode and it is not the episode Barney makes the statement as he is leaving the Taylor house "I've got to return Goober's car".  Barney is walking in that episode.  SO, I will get the bucket out do some "thanking".  

I believe I have it in mind. It's in the Opie's newspaper show. Andy says he has the duty, then Barney says he has to return a car. It's the show where they leave young Opie alone in the house to look for the edition Opie tossed in the trash. Even Aunt Bea shows up at the dump.

"Just passing through!"

In many episodes there is a Volkswagon Bug and '59 Chevy in the background.  

Yes, the Chevy, right. Almost every vehicle was a Ford product.




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