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Have you seen this man?

Something Steve L. posted the other day gave me an idea.  This guy appears in almost every episode of TAGS.  He plays everything from a bystander to a construction worker.  In some episodes he is a member of the choir.  In others he just walks through the scene.  Sometimes he is just a face in the crowd.  You have to really look close to spot him but the more you look for him, the more he appears.  How about we play Spot Tom and see just how many times he shows up and what his role is each time. 

I spotted Tom in 'Aunt Bee the Warden'.  He was the guy who brought Otis the ladder so he could climb down from the roof and escape from 'The Rock' aka Aunt Bee's prison.  Of course she was waiting for him at the bottom.

Good luck!





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No more carefree days; No more peanut butter and jelly!!

Wonder what ol Barn got him on.

I spotted Tom in 'Black Day For Mayberry'.  He is walking by the courthouse just as Barney is looking in the mail slot in the door to see if he can figure out what Andy and the T-men are talking about inside.

Tom in church.Good sermon about sin.

I guess Gomer's already heard that one--or else he knows it doesn't apply to him.  Innocent Gomer!

Gomer goes into a prayer trance

Recon theres a instance of Tom & Mr Swump in the same episode?

Yes there is.  Saw it the other night.  Not going to say which episode though.  Mostly because I forget.

Good reason there, Dud.

I saw this the other day.  In 'The Fun Girls" episode when Andy, Helen, Barney & Thel are at the dance (with other dates), you can see our buddy Tom dancing and Mr. Schwump is standing on the sidelines with that goofy grin on his face. It took almost two years, but we cracked that mystery wide open.  This is BIG!.

Tom appears in the eps (Barney runs for Sheriff) without his hat. He is wearing a butcher's apron while standing in the doorway of Foley's market. Barney wants him to put up a Barney for sheriff poster but Tom is shaking his head no.

Good one Ray.  There is another episode where Tom is painting a sign on the window of the market and Barney and Andy are watching him.  Barney thinks he misspelled a word and he is asking Andy about it.  Then Barn does something stupid and bumps into him making him smear his work.  I wish I could remember what episode that is.




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