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My first post might be a stupid idea, but does anyone think (Charles) David Forrest could have been Mr. Schwump?  I gathered the following from

- He was the uncredited music mixer for Christmas in Connecticut (1945), where Mr. Schwump apparently appeared briefly.

- He was also the sound engineer for nearly all of the Andy Griffith Show episodes during the first four seasons.

- He would have been 61 years old at the time of My Fair Ernest T. Bass, Mr. Schwump's first appearance.

- After that, he did a lot less sound department work.

As David Forrest's sound engineer career was winding down, Mr. Schwump began appearing.  Could he have appeared as Mr. Schwump for fun?

My searches for Schwump / Schwamp & David Forrest didn't return anything, so I'm hoping this hasn't already been ruled out.  However, I won't be too surprised if everyone else knows that he looks nothing like Mr. Schwump!

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Good stuff Bobby...hopefully there are some survivors that we could contact to verify his identity and link to TAGS, this is great, hopefull soon a long time mystery can be finally solved!

My brother, who is a trained noticer, and can usually identify people he hasn't seen for 40 years looked at the pictures and believes they could be the same person! 

Anybody have any more info?

I have a request in for his obituary but don't know how long it will take to get.  I found the cemetery where his wifes parents are buried in LA but didn't see him there.

Good thinking, Bobby.  Maybe it will have a photo or give us some more clues to investigate.  Keep us posted!

This is fantastic ! Good work, Steve ! Maybe this mystery will finally be solved .

I read somewhere that no one on the show knew anything about Mr. Schwump. Seems odd at best, but meanwhile we have some hope. Onward and upward!

Wow, this is moving along fast.  It took me a couple weeks just to get the nerve to make the post.

I definitely didn't notice Mr. Schwump in the 1945 movie on my own.  I read about that - on here probably.  I'm no trained noticer, just stubborn enough to go through every name in Christmas in Connecticut on to see if they were also involved in The Andy Griffith Show, and wouldn't you know it, David Forrest was the second to last name in the credits (waaaaay down there).

That pic looks like a young Mr. Schwump to me! Great job!

I agree; the pic looks like Mr. Schwump. The noses seem to be identical.

Also the ears.  Did you notice the ears?  I've heard that law enforcement sometimes identifies folks who've altered their appearance by comparing the ears.

However, I'm not too sure this is an infallible indicator.  In my experience as a not-so-trained noticer, it seems that men's ears get bigger as they get older.  Or is this just because their hair gets sparser and no longer covers them?  Sadly, while the hair on their heads gets sparser, the hair in the ears appears to take a growth spurt.

This wouldn't apply to Mr. Schwamp, though, since he's wearing that excellent toupee'.

But, I digress.

O.K., here is what I have researched and found that this Charles David Forrest fellow was, as Bobby said, a sound engineer and, also as Bobby said, was  born September 8 1902 and died February 10, 1991 in L.A., CA at the age of 88. He wasn't the sound engineer for his first appearance as Mr. Schwump in "My Fair Ernest T Bass", but was sound engineer for his second and third Mr. Schwump appearances, which were the episodes "The Rumor" and "Fun Girls". Those were the only episodes that he was Mr. Schwump and sound engineer. In fact, he only did 4 more as sound engineer until he changed to being only Mr. Schwump. He did it up to the episode "Gomer Pyle, USMC" the pilot for Gomer Pyle USMC. Now this is all off of IMDB. So it would be easy for Charles David Forrest to become Mr. Schwump because he already had TAGS connections and didn't speak so he didn't have to be an actor or have acting experience, he was like an extra in a way. According to IMDB he was only in the sound department and music department, he has 128 sound department titles. Charles David Forrest was sound engineer, sound recorder, and other sound department stuff for TAGS, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Jack Benny Program, The Eve Arden Show, and other Retro TV Shows and documentaries and movies, and I don't know what not. No Acting experience.  But we have already announced in April 2012 that Patch S. Wimmers was Mr. Schwump. But wouldn't that be funny if we had us a switcharoo!  Thats all I have on the subject so could be either Patch S. Wimmers or Charles David Forest. It's a "PATCH S. WIMMERS vs CHARLES DAVID FORREST" Who is the REAL Mr. Schwump??!  I believe that's all I have got to say. 

I must have been out of the loop in April 2012.  Who is Patch S. Wimmers?  Thought I had been checking in pretty regular.

I'm sure this has already been tried but I'll mention it anyway--has anybody asked Betty Lynn if she knows the real identity of Mr. Schwamp?




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