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About time to show our cards. Which mayor do you like more? Less?

Stoner aggravates me six ways to Sunday. Speak up, everyone. Now's your chance.

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Mayor Pike gets my vote.

I wasn't  crazy about Mayor Pike, but Stoner abused Andy to the point that if he woulda gotten all torn up by that bear I wouldn't have lost any sleep over it,    and the way he called him 'Andrew'  well I just didn't like that Mayor too much, I'll just leave it at that.   

He was pretentious... an interloper. I've never seen such a clear case of pretentious interloping.

How did such a jerk ever get elected mayor?

I’m going with Stoner.  He was annoying but he usually got up his comeuppance. 

I think the correct answer is quite obvious!

This is a difficult choice.  Both brought so much to Mayberry.  S-T-O-N-E-R, was good at "washing hands", while Pike had three beautiful, singing daughters.  Anyone of the three would make a good Miss Mayberry.

I'll have to give this some thought.   

It was Bobby Fleet who remarked how if there were a beauty contest in Mayberry, no one would win.

He was a joke cracker.

Just watching TCM and I thought I saw Mayor Pike , or the actor -  Dick Elliott, in a movie so I looked it up and found out to my saddnes that he passed away of heart problems in Dec 1961 and that The Manacurist was his last episode on the show. Sure enough I watched The Jinks and that was right after Manacure and he wasn’t in it.  Have to admire the cast and crew to be able to continue on acting thier parts without an appaerent hitch with the loss of a co-worker so suddenly. 

He was in the 1946 classic "It's A Wonderful Life," starring Jimmy Stewart, Lionel Barrymore and Donna Reed. Sheldon Leonard was also in the movie, played the bartender, and later produced TAGS.

Elliot had a bit part, he was the man on his porch.

Wow I didn’t know that about them being n A Wonderful Life. I have the DVD, gonna have to watch itand look for them.  I remember the bar tender, Burt I think, or , maybe Burt was the cop. That bar tender was cha-chinging the cash register over and over saying: “ Hey, get me, I’m givin out wngs!”




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